Tiny sesame seeds can amp up any recipe and take it up a notch. While we love adding sesame seeds to various cuisines, did you know that this little seed can help you achieve longer, thicker hair? That’s right, sesame seed oil for hair can do wonders for your tresses.  

Sesame seed oil benefits for hair can range far and wide. It is an edible oil that is rich in antioxidant properties and is loaded with vitamin E and B complex, minerals such as phosphorus, calcium and essential fats. Here are 5 reasons why you need to ditch your regular hair oils and pick sesame seed oil for hair.  


How Sesame Oil Can Benefit Your Hair and Scalp: The Basics  

Did you know sesame oil is used in countless beauty products like soaps, shampoos, skin moisturisers, cosmetics, and even medicines? Sesame seed oil has been broadly used in Ayurvedic and traditional medicine practices. It is believed to have numerous beauty and health benefits because of its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties. It is also used in skincare and hair care products for its moisturising and nourishing properties. A lot of people even prefer using it directly on their skin or hair for its moisturising qualities.  

Sesame seed oil comes in various forms and there are three types of sesame seed oil:  

Light sesame oil is made from lightly roasted sesame seeds. It is a pale yellow, mild-tasting oil which is commonly used for cooking. 

Dark sesame oil is made from toasted or roasted sesame seeds. It has a deeper flavour and a darker colour compared to light sesame seed oil. It is frequently used as a flavouring in Asian cuisines and dipping sauces for its rich, umami texture. 

Cold-pressed or virgin sesame oil is extracted using a mechanical process without using any heat or chemicals. It retains more of the natural nutrients and has a stronger aroma and flavour. Cold-pressed sesame seed oil or sesame seed essential oil are the kinds that are generally used in beauty products for their potency. All three oils can benefit your hair and skin but if you want to try sesame seed oil in essential oil form, mix it with a carrier oil.  

Let’s learn more about the pros of sesame seed oil and here’s why you should also try to use sesame seed oil for hair.


1. Deep moisturising properties

How Sesame Oil Can Benefit Your Hair and Scalp | Top 5 Tips

Sesame seed oil has a relatively low molecular weight and is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids which help in quick and deeper absorption. It has the ability to be super easily absorbed by the skin and nourish it effectively from deep within.  

It also contains vitamin E, which makes sesame seed oil an excellent natural moisturiser for dry hair and scalp. Applying sesame seed oil in hair and massaging it in will help moisturise your scalp, and your hair from the roots. Covering the tips and lengths of the hair also benefits from sesame seed oil as it helps make the hair soft overall.  


2. Combats dandruff

How Sesame Oil Can Benefit Your Hair and Scalp | Top 5 Tips

Dandruff is caused by an excessively dry scalp that turns flakey. All the dry and crusty bits of the skin end up getting trapped in the hair. It can also happen due to reactions on the scalp or fungal overgrowth. Sometimes when there’s too much dandruff, it can end up falling on the shoulders and neck. Naturally, this is extremely embarrassing for people.  

Some studies have proven that sesame seed oil has antifungal properties, which may help towards managing dandruff caused by Malassezia (a type of fungi). These antifungal properties can help reduce fungal infestation on the scalp, and potentially alleviate dandruff symptoms.  

The anti-fungal properties can also help you prevent fungal infections that can occur on your scalp. Believe it or not, fungal infections are extremely common when you live in humid areas or have thicker hair. It’s always advised to keep looking out for any prolonged irritation.  

The moisturising and soothing qualities of sesame seed oil also help in combating dandruff. It helps banish the flakey bits and keeps your scalp moisturised and healthy. Just make sure to gently massage it into your scalp so you don’t irritate it further in the process.  


3. Helps hair grow thicker

How Sesame Oil Can Benefit Your Hair and Scalp | Top 5 Tips

Our body needs healthy fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6. These are specially required for healthy hair and sesame seeds are rich in essential fats. So, if you’re unable to consume enough essential fats, your hair might start showing the lack of these and shed more than usual. Turn to sesame seed oil to fulfil the nutritional needs of your hair! Additionally, it also stimulates blood circulation in hair follicles and helps boost hair growth.  


4. Improves scalp health

How Sesame Oil Can Benefit Your Hair and Scalp | Top 5 Tips

Sesame seed oil is full of antioxidants, antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties. So, while you enjoy a relaxing head massage with sesame seed oil, the product works like magic to repair and heal your scalp from the inside out. It soothes your skin and fights off all potential infections with all the mentioned qualities.  

Sesame seed oil works like a great moisturiser for the hair and scalp — Just like a good moisturiser for skin helps repair the skin’s barrier. Sesame seed oil helps to repair the dry and flakey scalp and keeps your scalp irritation-free. This keeps your hair soft and well, and your scalp stays healthy!  


5. Makes hair stronger

How Sesame Oil Can Benefit Your Hair and Scalp | Top 5 Tips

All these benefits combined make your hair stronger. Moisturised hair with a healthy scalp will help trigger hair growth and make your hair stronger. With the overall health improving gradually, your hair fall can reduce and you will achieve stronger, luscious hair! Sesame seed oil for hair also reduces frizz and keeps your hair manageable and soft. It’s a win-win with sesame seed oil as it works on your hair through and through!  


Best way to use sesame seed oil for hair 

  • Take some oil in a small bowl and heat it till it’s lukewarm.  
  • You can mix in a few drops of different oils in the same bowl and warm them to help them mix better.  

  • Stir with a small spoon and test the temperature using the same spoon.  

  • Apply the lukewarm oil to your scalp and massage it in properly.  

  • Once done with your massage, tie your hair in a braid or bun and cover your head with a shower cap. The shower cap will prevent your hair from attracting dirt and dust.  

  • You can leave this on for an hour or overnight, depending on your preference, and wash it off with mild shampoo.  


FAQs about How Sesame Oil Can Benefit Your Hair and Scalp   

Q1: Can sesame seed oil darken hair colour? 

Though there have been claims that sesame seed oil can help darken hair colour, scientific evidence supporting this claim is limited. Hair colour depends on genetics, so while some factors can affect your hair colour but the change won’t be significant.  


Q2: Can sesame seed oil be mixed with other hair oils?  

Yes, sesame seed oil can be mixed with other carrier oils for hair care. Mixing multiple oils can provide several benefits and enhance their overall effects on the hair and scalp. Try mixing it with your regular oils such as coconut, almond or onion oil if you want to try out sesame seed oil for your hair.  


Q3: Is sesame seed oil suitable for all hair types? 

Sesame seed oil is generally suitable for various hair types, including dry, damaged, and frizzy hair. However, you should always do a patch test and observe before applying anything new to a big area.