Some days are good hair days and some others, well, let’s just say that our hair seems to have a mind of its own and we look like a hot mess. For those days when your hair just won’t listen, and you wish you had a personal hairdresser at home, here are some little-but-genius things to keep in mind.


Keep a spray bottle containing water and add a few drops of a hair serum into it. Shake the bottle well and spray the mist into your hair when you brush it in the morning. This will help you set the hair, without getting the hair too wet and it dries in seconds


While you are blow-drying your hair and setting it with a brush, let your hair cool before you remove your hair off the brush. This preserves the style – be it curls or straight hair - for a longer time.


You should cut your hair especially if it is thinning. Shocked? Are you silently saying ‘no way! I’m not going to cut my thin hair’? The reason we suggest this is—trimming about one or two inches off the ends will give your hair bounce, and make it look voluminous. Also, if your hair is dry at the ends and you have developed split ends, the trim will prevent the dryness from spreading and lead to overall better health of your hair.


If you are in the habit of getting your hair coloured regularly, remember, healthy and hydrated hair holds colour better. So give yourself deep conditioning treatments once a week. It need not be at a salon, hot-oil massages or homemade hair packs like these will also do the trick!


To add volume to your hair while you are drying it, lift the roots of your hair with your fingers and dry them first. When you start drying your hair from the ends, you are pulling the wet roots flat, which will set them also flat. GIF courtesy: