5 Ways To Turn A Bad Hair Day Into A Good One

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
5 ways to turn a bad hair day into a good one

We at BeBeautiful are of the opinion that just like a pimple, a bad hair day always manages to align itself with some or the other major event of your life. And having hair that looks unmanageable and unruly could end up spoiling your entire look.

But do not lose hope just yet, because we’ve got your back. No matter how annoying this entire situation can be, a girl’s gotta do what she has to do. Therefore, below are some sure-shot ways to transform a seemingly bad hair day into a good one with some simple tips and tricks.


01. Dry shampoo to the rescue

05.	Try a different hairstyle

One of the best ways to transform a bad hair day into a good one is to spray some dry shampoo on your roots. This will help refresh your hair and add some bounce and volume. Additionally, it will also leave your hair feeling extremely soft and smelling amazing for hours to come.


02. Wear a headgear

05.	Try a different hairstyle

If you can’t fix it, you hide it. And what better way to do this than to cover your head with a really stylish cap or hat. But if this seems to be too OTT for you, then you could also try a pretty silk scarf.


03. Experiment with hair accessories

05.	Try a different hairstyle

Headgears are not everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s completely fine. This is why we have hair accessories to the rescue. With so many stunning options available in the form of pins, headbands and scrunchies, there is no way anyone will notice that you’re having a bad hair day.


04. Tie a top knot

05.	Try a different hairstyle

One way to conceal a bad hair day and yet look stylish is to tie your hair in a messy top knot. This hairstyle is so versatile that it matches every outfit, western and Indian alike. Remember to leave a few face-framing strands loose from the front to give it that effortless, chic appearance.


05. Try a different hairstyle

05.	Try a different hairstyle

Last but not least - braid it. Braids are the simplest way to disguise a bad hair day and take your hair game up a notch. Consider this as the perfect opportunity to style your hair in the braid you’ve bookmarked on Instagram or a really chic half up half down that you’ve been wanting to try since a very long time.

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