Flaunt a fuller-looking braid using these sly tricks

Written by Anjali AgarwalJan 31, 2019

Assuming this is your hairdo plan for any glitzy or casual event—you get up, rock a braid and head out. Is that right? For most girls, it works out. But it’s not the case for girls with fine and thin hair. They struggle with a hair conundrum every time they try to pull off a nice pretty braid but rather end up having a scraggy little plait. Well. No more! We’ve got some cool ideas to help you. Try these sneaky tricks to make your braid look thicker and fuller without using any hair extensions...

Tease your hair

Teasing or backcombing hair before braiding helps to amp up the volume of hair making the braid look fuller. Use a texturizing hairspray like Toni&Guy Casual : Sea Salt Texturising Spray and comb your hair backwards lightly. Now weave your hair into a braid of your choice. It gives a voluminous braid with a messy look. Pro tip: best for fishtail braid.

Pull and flatten

This technique is also known as pancaking. Pulling some strands of hair is an easy and quick way to make your braid look thicker and bigger. Make any braid you want and pull and tug the sections of braid to loosen it. It will instantly add width giving you an illusion of a fuller braid. Pro tip: best for bohemian braids.

Weave well

Weaving method not only makes a braid look thicker, but longer too. Divide your hair in three sections. Braid each section as you normally do. Now weave the three braids into one fuller braid. Ta-da! Simple. Wasn’t it? Pro tip: best for classic three weave braid.

Pick the right braid

Last but not the least, pick wisely! Some braids just look thicker than others on same type of hair. French braids are always thicker-looking than Dutch braids and a fishtail is thicker than rope twisted braid. Go for faux braids like pull through braids which are loose and thick rather than neat and sleek braids like boxer braids. And you’re good!

Image courtesy: Pinterest (thelatest.style, southernweddings.com, hairstylecamp.com)