The lockdown boredom has led us to explore almost every social media app out there, including TikTok. TBH, I thought this app was just for laughs and weird dance moves but turns out there are many beauty enthusiasts on the platform that dole out amazing beauty hacks. I’ve been hooked on to the numerous hair hacks shared on the app.

One that immediately caught my attention is this hair curling tutorial using socks! Yes, you read that right. Using a pair of socks you can finally get those perfect looking curls. Are you ready to learn this viral TikTok hack?


How to:

How to:

Image courtesy: @java4thismama

You will need:

Tube socks

Rubber bands

Step 01: Try this hack on slightly damp hair for best results. Wash your hair at night and when it’s 90% dry, you can grab your socks and hair ties to begin.

Step 02: Divide hair into two or more equal sections depending on your hair volume; secure each section using a hair tie.

Step 03: Next, divide the first section into two and tuck the sock between them into the hair tie. Step 04: Wrap the two sections of hair around the sock tightly and secure with another hair tie. It will slightly appear like a three-strand braid but with socks.

Step 05: Repeat on the other side.

Step 06: Go to sleep! Wake up, untie the hair ties and socks to get the most perfect looking curls!

Main image: @saiyami