The A-Z Of Split Ends

Written by Girija NaiksatamSep 15, 2019
It’s one of the most raging hair problems that we can’t get our head (or hair) around. So what’s the best way to outsmart your hair nemesis? Get to know everything about it before it makes its way to your fantastic tresses. Here are four things to take note of…
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The Science
Just like your skin your hair too is made up of layers. The outermost is the cuticle which protects the cortex that houses your hair shaft. Split ends happen when the cuticle at the end of your hair gets worn out causing the core of your hair to get exposed, making it prone to damage.

Most often, split ends happen towards the ends of your hair. However, when you subject your hair to harsh conditions (heat, styling, vigorous brushing) the split can happen in the middle of the hair (appears as a knot) or in the cases of extreme damage, multiple splits can even happen all along the body of the hair. Since split ends aren’t that easy to spot, visit your hair stylist once in a while to keep a close tab on your locks.

The Causes
Depending on how strong your hair is, multiple factors can cause your hair to wear out - too much heat styling, chemical treatments such as colouring and perming, using the wrong hair products, over washing and the most common, vigorous combing. The best way to remedy these is to concentrate on your diet to give your all the internal nourishment it needs, opt for a hot oil head massage every week , use products that are suited to your hair type and steer clear of using artificial heat on your hair too often.  We highly recommend the TRESemmé Split Remedy Range that is specially design to tackle this problem.

The Solution
The new TRESemmé Split Remedy Range
The traditional way to fix split ends is to get a trim. However, constant trimming will probably mean that you never really get a chance to grow out your hair therefore restricting the way you end up styling it. Worry no more; the new TRESemmé Split Remedy Range is here to rescue you. It has Amino Vitamin Blend that can help to fix split ends. Enriched with Silicone, the shampoo and conditioner form a lubricating layer which brings hair fibres and split ends together to keep your hair intact and leave you with tresses that are much more manageable and styling friendly.

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