It’s hot and no matter what you try, you cannot save yourself from the sun and the sweat is turning your blow-dried hair into a tangled mess. We’ve all seen supermodels adorning the covers of all the glossies and coveted their gorgeous open hair—sun-warmed and blowing in the wind as if kissed by sea breeze….We’ve all been promised time and time again as to the simple and easy methods by which we can achieve those lustrous locks. But is it true? For those with tame and straight hair, it’s probably a (sea)breeze, but what about the rest of us? What about the ones with the frizz, with the curls, with the hair that just won’t listen?
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Don’t lose heart ladies. There’s no need to get your scrunchies in a bunch! Here are some tried and tested relatively easy methods to managing your hair so that every time you step out starting this month right into the monsoons, you look ultra glamourous!

The top knot
With the top knot being the latest and current trend, it is the easiest method to look like you know what your doing on the beach. It suits all hair types and all hair days and even goes with sun, sand and moisture.

LRT TIP: Add a little hair oil to your tresses to make them more manageable (read less flyaways) whilst at the same time prevents your hair from looking dry and protects it from damage. You could always opt for a leave in conditioner or serum but oil works just as well.

Looks like we’re in luck! The trendiest hairdos of the year seem to be the ones easiest to do. A braid is another top pick for a beach hangout. Loosely tied at the back or at the side, a braid keeps you looking stylish and coquettely chic in the sun.

LRT TIP: Leave hair strands in front for a more natural look. Or twist the front of your hair and pin to the side for a more Greco Roman appearance.

Tong it
If you do want to attempt the goddess-like beach wave and step out with open hair, try the following:

Wash and condition your hair
Finger dry it with a hairdryer
Take large sections of your hair and tong it with a curler
Run your fingers through your hair to open up the curls
Finish off with a serum or wax

This process should take you 15 to 20 minutes, depending on your hair length.

LRT TIP: Do this in an air conditioned room or take a break between blow drying and tonging your hair. Else the heat will get to you.

Focus on the front
Most often the back of the hair seems to behave. However, the front has a mind of it’s own. At this point all you need to do is iron out the front of your hair for a more put together appearance or try out different pinning options such as front braids or twisted rolls or just some locks of hair pinned away.

Go natural
But most importantly, focus on the natural aspects of your hair. If you have curly hair, emphasize it, play with it. Be yourself in a natural set up. That’s when you will have the most fun. And always have an accessory at hand for emergencies. A hat, bandana, hair-pin and bands will save you through many an emergency.

As usual…stay beautiful… feel beautiful.

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