The humble ponytail has been around for a while, has had its highs and its lows (pun intended) and is like that knight in shining armour who always comes to the rescue when you are having a bad hair day. The ponytail is the most ideal hairdo for the rains. Here’s a look at the coolest ponytails to sport this monsoon season…

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The low slung ponytail

A true tried and tested look, it will help you out through your worst days. All you need is some hair gel or wax, a comb and a rubber band and you are good to go. This look could either work with feminine flirty approach or with strong, severe, chic leanings.

Current trend: Instead of a rubber band, use a metal clip to reign in your pony.

half ponytail perfect monsoon hairstyle 600x400

The half pony

Don’t like all your hair in a bunch? Well… try out the half pony. Reminiscent of the school girl days, this is a lovely day look to get you through the monsoons. Keep your makeup light and natural to complete this very angelic look.

messy ponytail perfect monsoon hairstyle 600x400

The messy ponytail

Don’t have time for hairspray or can’t find a comb. You’re in luck, babe. This season’s messy ponytail is the answer to many a young girl’s prayer. Give your hair a little body in the front to balance out the messiness and pull strands of hair to frame and flatter your face.

side ponytail perfect monsoon hairstyle 600x400

Low side ponytail

Again, one of the easiest looks to follow that makes you look as stylish and effortlessly so. To rev up your style-o-meter, have a side parting done and gather up your hair in a neat bunch to rest on the opposite side.


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