5 mistakes your hairstylist wants you to stop making now

Written by Lisabelle GonsalvesNov 14, 2019

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a bad hair day. Now raise your hand if you have bad hair days more often than not. If your hand is still raised, then this one goes out to you. I’m just going to say it like it is; sometimes our bad hair days have more to do with us than with our hair. And I have three celebrity hairstylists who would agree. 

According to these hair ninjas (and trust me, they are biggies), a few mistakes could completely jeopardise your hair game. Here are the 5 most common hair mistakes hairstylists want you to stop making pronto!

1. Not using a heat protectant spray

“Seems pretty basic, yet it’s something most girls do. They take heat-styling tools to their hair without considering the damage they could cause sans protection,” says celebrity hairstylist Seema Mane. It’s also because the damage is usually not seen instantly.

2. Thinking short hair is a mistake

Most women prefer to wear their locks long, afraid that going too short won’t suit them or make them look older. “That couldn’t be further from the truth. Going short can make you look younger and bolder too if you choose the right haircut,” says celebrity hairstylist Sanky Evrus.

3. Using a conditioner like you use a shampoo

“Both products are extremely different in purpose and hence, must be applied differently too,” says Seema Mane. “While a shampoo is meant to cleanse your scalp and hair, a conditioner moisturises and nourishes the ends where the natural oils can’t reach and shuts the cuticles.” So, while shampoo can go on the scalp, conditioner should only be applied to the lengths of the hair.

4. Using excess hairstyling product

“I realised that using a lot of product in your hair doesn’t make your hairstyle last longer, instead it weighs your hair down, making it look limp,” says celebrity hairstylist Seema Khan. Just use a he recommended amount and your hairstyle will stay in place.

5. Washing your hair everyday

Being hygienic is one thing and overdoing it is another. Your hair doesn’t need to be washed more than two to three times a week. Both Sanky Evrus and Seema Khan agree that excessive washing strips your scalp of the natural oils it produces to prevent dryness. If you find your scalp too greasy before a scheduled hair wash, use dry shampoo to fix that!