Summer Hairstyles—Hairdos To Help You Beat The Heat

Written by Karan DalviSep 16, 2023
Summer hairstyles—hairdos to help you beat the heat

The winter may have brought cold winds, with transitioning fashion in accordance, but the summers will soon be here! It will be the season of camping and picnics, barbeques, marshmallows and scones, and for some, a trip down to the beach for some fun in the sand and the sun. Stylish straw fedoras shall replace modish mufflers, caftans shall replace cardigans, and it’ll be time for them, bottles of sunscreen to be stocked up.

The summers are all about avoiding sunburns, looking good and having fun doing it. Summer is all about sun-kissed selfies, about relaxation and letting your hair down, although not in the literal sense! On that note, let’s not forget that summer can also be about sweaty, weather-beaten skin and sun-bleached hair (not necessarily a good thing). Beating the heat can be quite the task, especially for those with long hair, with sweat pouring down the nape of your neck, putting one in quite the sticky situation.

Fret not though, for here’s a list of some summer hairstyles that are not only super stylish for the summers, but help you keep a sweat-free mane as well.


Side braid

Faux Bob

The side braid is one hairdo you just can’t go wrong with. One that even the ‘Frozen’ princess Elsa swears by, the side braid is chic and forever in vogue, no matter the occasion. The braid being asymmetrical, you need to part your hair to a side of your choosing. Bring the hair to the front on the opposite side of where you’ve parted it and divide it into three sections.

Beginning below the ear, start braiding as you normally would (left under, right under) and keep repeating till you’ve reached the end. When done braiding, tie an elastic band around the end to help keep your braid in place and tuck in any wisps of hair neatly using hairpins or hairspray. Well, we guess it’s not only Olaf that Elsa made the summers more bearable for.


Sky High Ponytail

Faux Bob

The ponytail is one hairdo that’s been seen to never go out of fashion. And whether one’s wearing it to college or on the red carpet, the sky high ponytail (also known as a ‘snatched’ ponytail) seems to be just about everywhere these days. Tying a sky high ponytail does not take much effort, just knowledge of the right manner of doing it so that the ponytail stays in place and you don’t have bumps popping out from odd places.

One particularly effective way is to make use of bungee hair ties for creating the look. One end of the bungee tie is to be hooked under the hair, close to the scalp, and the tie is to be wrapped around, finally hooking the other end under the hair so as to keep the sky high ponytail in place. You could also add another hair tie (or an elastic band) just above the first to ensure that the ponytail has the requisite form and remains well in place. The sky high ponytail makes quite the statement too, so be ready for all those heads turning in your direction as you stride into the place with your head held high.


Braided Halo

Faux Bob

A summer hairdo fit for the noble and the divine, the braided halo (also known as the halo crown braid) is perhaps the most ideal hairdo to deal with the scorching sun quite literally breathing down your neck. Although it might look pretty complicated, creating the braided halo isn’t really that difficult (largely the same process as the normal braid, with a minor twist) and it helps keep the hair tucked away from your nape.

One of the easiest ways of creating this look is to use the under-over technique to weave the Dutch braid along the edges of your hairline, finally wrapping the braid around to create a crown, before you pin it in place. Her Excellency is now ready to take on the summers, while also charming the audiences with her royal presence.


Tousled Pixie

Faux Bob

Well, one way of dealing with long locks in the summers is to chop them off altogether. Cutting your hair short, however, can be quite the nerve-racking affair for a lot of the ladies. You need to be sure that it’ll look good on you and while it is always recommended that you consult your hairstylist to understand which hairdo would suit your features and your hair type, the pixie is known to rarely ever go wrong.

A short crop of hair is always welcome when the sun’s raging over from the clear skies and the tousled pixie makes for a really cool cut in the summers (in just about every way). The tousled pixie look is one for all occasions too, whether you’re attending a corporate meeting or just spending an evening with your friends at the lounge. Bold and powerful, the tousled pixie is comfortable to wear and makes you feel in your element most of the time. Also, it’s good to be a Tinker Bell every once in a while and help spread some magical pixie dust around.


Faux Bob

Faux Bob

If you’re not really in the mood to let go of those long, gorgeous tresses you’ve worked so hard to grow and maintain, yet still wish to keep all that hair from suffocating your nape in the summers, the faux bob is perhaps the next best thing to a bob haircut for you. As the name suggests, the idea is to hold your long locks up in place over your head instead of chopping them off, providing the illusion of a bob.

For the faux bob look, pull up the top section of your hair and secure it in place. Divide the remaining hair into two braids and twist them together, before pulling them up into a coil and securing them to your scalp. Take out sections from the hair gathered at the top and fold it under to create the impression of a bob. That’s just the basics though. Play around with your hair a bit and experiment with new looks all you can. The summers, after all, are essentially about having a good time and looking good doing it.

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