Super Chic Hairdos For Days Your Hair Is Greasy Af! Celeb Edition

Written by Lamiya ChitalwallaSep 16, 2023
Super chic hairdos for days your hair is greasy AF! Celeb Edition

With summer kicking in, the temperatures and humidity both are rising. While getting a blowout might be on all our lists, will it really pass the test of heat? Worry not girls! There’s always plan B, ditch the blow dry and opt for these super easy yet trendy hairdos that will help you sail through the week even with all that grease!


Vanessa Hudgens’s cool braids

Lily Aldridge’s low buns

Vanessa is the queen of all things trendy especially when it comes to hair. Her Instagram account is proof that this girl ain’t doing anything simple! Take cues from her and opt for braids when you’re victim of greasy hair. You can do a tight single braid or go wild with two.


Kim Kardashian’s iconic ponytail

Lily Aldridge’s low buns

Apart from her contour which is always on point, Kim K’s iconic ponytail is a fan favourite. Just pull back all your hair into a high ponytail and you’re done! If you’re in the mood to experiment, add a blingy scrunchie or barrette that will take the look from a 7 to a solid10!


Shay Mitchell’s top knots

Lily Aldridge’s low buns

Top knots have been a rage for a while and Shay Mitchell is the perfect person to take inspiration from. One can often see her sporting this hairdo, which is great to take from room to red carpet! These are one of the few hairstyles that work well with every face shape, just find the right height and you’re ready to roll.


Lily Aldridge’s low buns

Lily Aldridge’s low buns

If you’re all about dewy skin and tinted lips with a liking for easy effortless hair, Lily Aldridge is just the person you should follow! Her low messy bun is a great option on days your locks are greasy and oily. Part your hair from the center or side and twist it into a low messy bun.

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