Remember those days when all used to stare at Rapunzel for her long, lustrous and shiny hair and immediately wish we were #blessed as well. Well, what if we told you thick and long locks could be your very own? Yes, you too can regrow your compliment-worthy tresses or literally enjoy them for the very first time. And before you pass this off as impossible -- hear us out for we’ve stocked up on the best tips in town that give you compliment-worthy locks.  

However, if you’re in a hurry - stop right there for if there’s one ground rule you gotta know, it’s that thick locks require time, effort and the P-factor, patience. You need to inject your schedule with the right products, exercise and some simple lifestyle changes to not only enjoy A1 hair for the parties and events but literally, everyday! And yes, without the horrors of heat as well.  

So, hold tight for we’ve the key to all the scoop on how to grow hair faster. Below find a complete breakdown of everything you need to do to ensure that your hair looks and feels its absolute best. And… don’t forget to thank us later.  

7 Sure-to-work Hair Growth Tips  

Tip #1: Take a trim 

how to grow hair faster

Well, in the hair world where all of us are striving to be the ‘mane’ character, longer doesn’t equal stronger. In fact, you have to make frequent salon visits to have strong locks! Suggested by every stylist, regular trims are the secret to long and strong hair. Hair ends are the oldest part of your tresses, and are therefore extremely prone to damage and split ends. No matter what anyone tells you, remember that there is only one solution to split ends– to chop them off. Trim about half an inch of your hair every six to eight weeks and notice how healthy and quickly your hair grows. And yes, ladies we get how lowkey heartbreaking this can be but aso, it's a hushed answer to how to grow hair faster! So, embrace the snips for the results are nothing but gratifying. Plus, if you want to keep those crazy ends concealed before you take a trip, the OG buddy in town is a good serum, giving the dry ends a gloss - it does the trick.

PS: For bad hair days, we love the Indulekha Hair Strengthening Serum.   

Tip #2: Switch to gentler shampoos  

how to grow hair faster

We all love the colourful shampoos with glitter particles that smell like all flowers ever. However, this may seem super temptation to add to your haircare arsenal. Just know when getting your hands on such a product, there’s NO care! The kind of ingredients that make up your shampoo play a major role in determining the quality and health of your strands. So, away from what catches the eye, we recommend you switch to natural and organic shampoos as they are free from harmful substances such as SLS and parabens, as these not only dry out your strands, but also cause a lot of damage and breakage. We recommend you give the one and only, the Indulekha Bringha Ayurvedic Shampoo  a try. This shampoo is not only free of harmful chemicals, but the unique and absolute natural ingredient club is a way to grow hair faster . So much so, it curbs hair breakage in just four washes. After all, if you’re using nature’s best on your scalp regularly, the benefits are only ‘natural’ to come!  

Tip #3: Say no to hot water 

how to grow hair faster

This is another amazing tip when listing how to grow your hair faster. We all know that hot water is go-to when setting up that leisurely bath moment. However, that comfort comes with a cost, hot water is notorious when it comes to hair care and therefore it should be avoided as much as possible. When you wash your hair with hot water, you end up stripping your hair of the natural and protective oils. This ends up making your hair super dry and frizzy, leading to hair fall due to breakage. To nip this problem in the bud, always use lukewarm water to wash your hair and use a cold-water rinse at the end to seal back the cuticles and give your hair a boost of added shine and protection.  

Tip #4: Conditioning corner 

how to grow hair faster

While conditioning your hair every time you wash your hair is a mandate, more often than not, it is not enough for having healthy hair. Therefore you need to pamper your tresses with a deep conditioning treatment once a week. And how can you do that? By covering your tresses in a deep conditioning and hydrating hair mask on the reg to not just repair the damage caused due to the wear and tear but also leave it deeply nourished. One mask that has personally changed the hair game for me is the Indulekha Bringha Lepam Mask. Loaded with 6 essential oils and herbs, this mask is a great way to solve the how to grow hair faster prob!  

Tip #5: Oil the strands 

how to grow hair faster

Most of the time hair fall  is due to improper hair care (ugh!) - I mean, it’s us, lazy girls who postpone the washes and love quick hairwashes! However, to chuck these issues out and get a grip on how to grow hair faster, bring in the brilliance or fab hair, nothing does the trick like onion oil. Nourishing the roots with its goodness, this oil strengthens hair bonds and promotes hair growth. And if used religiously and massaged into the scalp twice a week, its results can be fascinating. We mean, it can help arrest hair fall and thinning. So much so, you can give your hair a total transformation if this oil is used like a ritual. Looking for an unmatched onion oil that takes away the trouble of actually making the juice? Well, you have to rely on Love Beauty & Planet’s Onion, Black Seed Oil & Patchouli Hairfall Control Hair Oil. Doing what it says and saying what it does, this hair oil gives this wowing results.  

Tip #6:  No more heat  

how to grow hair faster

When thinking of how to grow hair faster, another tip to make sure your hair grows faster is to ditch those heat styling tools as often as possible. When you constantly expose your hair to the heat from these styling tools, you end up zapping the moisture from your mane.  And this makes it appear extremely dull and drab. In the long run, your want to tong and iron will also make your strands prone to breakage, stunting hair growth. Therefore, it is best to go natural with your tresses.  

Tip #7: Watch your plate 

how to grow hair faster

If you are really looking for tips about how to grow your hair faster, then this is something you definitely need to start doing. Start drinking more water and eating healthy and nutritious food and trust us, just these diet additions and changes will bring to you a tremendous change in the look and feel of your hair. Eat foods that have more zinc, iron and protein as they will supply your scalp with the nutrients you need to promote faster hair growth! So, cut to the chase and get some health on the platter.  

FAQs about Sure-to-work Hair Growth Tips   

Long and healthy locks await you! 

Q1 Which is the best oil for promoting hair growth? 

There are a number of oils that work really well when it comes to hair growth. But oils such as onion oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, castor oil and olive oil are some of the best oils that stimulate dormant hair follicles and keep your hair long and strong. 

 Q2 How can I stop hair loss? 

Hair loss is a common concern that a lot of people face. Stress, pollution, heat styling and genes are some of the main reasons why this happens. Start with oiling your hair regularly, shampooing less often (never daily), consuming vitamins, and applying hair repairing and conditioning masks to reduce hair fall and promote healthier hair growth. And viola, you’ve nearly cracked the ‘how to grow hair faster’ code. 

Q3 What foods can make my hair grow thicker? 

Including protein-rich foods in your diet is a sure-shot way to stop hair loss and improve hair growth. Foods like eggs, berries, spinach, fatty fish, lean meat, nuts, sweet potatoes, avocados and seeds are really helpful when it comes to promoting hair growth.