Hair care is incomplete without the good ol’ champi. Applying oil to your hair the night before washing it has been a routine for most Indian women. If you’ve been depriving your hair of oils, you should know that oils extracted from nuts, seeds and fruits are not just beneficial for treating coarse hair, but every hair and scalp type requires this nourishment. All you gotta do is find your perfect match. 

Today, we are going to help you find just that!

right hair oil for your hair type

Avocado oil for dry and damaged hair

A rich source of vitamin E, avocado oil penetrates deep into the hair shaft and nourishes hair from within. It strengthens hair and prevents breakage, leading to healthy, smooth and shiny hair. When applied regularly to the scalp it promotes hair growth and repairs dry and damaged hair from the roots. Prepare a restorative mask by mixing honey and egg whites with avocado oil and apply once a week.

right hair oil for your hair type

Jojoba oil for curly and frizzy hair

Jojoba oil possesses amazing moisturising properties as it is chock-full of liquid wax and essential fatty acids. Found in a lot of hair care products, jojoba oil softens and adds lustre to dull hair. It is particularly beneficial for curly and frizzy hair as it restores the natural bounce of the hair. Applying warm jojoba oil to the scalp also aids in dandruff control.

right hair oil for your hair type

Argan oil for dull and lifeless hair

Rightly referred to as ‘liquid gold’, argan oil is highly treasured for its deep conditioning properties. It corrects dull, brittle and lifeless hair and makes it more manageable. Packed with essential fatty acids and vitamin E, it also protects hair from environmental damage. Simply rub a few drops of oil between your palms to warm it and run your hands through damp hair after washing.

right hair oil for your hair type

Sweet almond oil for fine hair

Sweet almond oil is light in texture and does not weigh hair down. It treats a number of hair problems such as dullness, dryness and dandruff without making hair greasy. It is an excellent oil for fine hair types. Warm up a little sweet almond oil and apply to your scalp and hair a few hours before washing it.

right hair oil for your hair type

Coconut oil for all hair types

The absolute best amongst oils, coconut is the most beneficial oil for all hair types. It is the most penetrative and sinks deep into the hair shafts, filling the spaces between hair cells to prevent moisture loss and improve elasticity. If you have dry or curly hair, apply coconut oil every week, and those with thin hair and oily scalp, stick to applying this oil once every 15 days.