Natural hair conditioners to give you your softest and shiniest hair yet

Written by Urvi DalalJun 29, 2021

Hair conditioners have to be one of the most underrated products in hair care. From moisturising dry and damaged hair, reducing frizz to adding shine, lustre and softness, conditioners can completely transform your hair game for the better.

But if you think that you need to spend a bomb to give your hair a nice, hydrating and deep conditioning treatment, then you’re absolutely wrong. It is totally possible to make yourself a completely natural yet extremely hydrating conditioner with ingredients easily available in your kitchen or your beauty shelf. Additionally, since these conditioners are completely natural, most of them are suitable for all hair types and can be used as often as you like to give your hair the boost of shine and hydration it needs. Isn’t that really cool? Scroll down for five of our favourite natural hair conditioners for every type and concern that you need to try out at least once. So without further ado, let’s begin…

1. Honey + olive oil for super dry hair

Step 01: In a bowl, take about two tablespoons of honey and three tablespoons of olive oil. Mix the two together until it forms a smooth paste.

Step 02: Apply this mixture all over your hair, concentrating more on the ends as they require extra nourishment.

Step 03: Cover your hair with a shower cap or a warm towel and leave it in for about 20-30 minutes.

Step 04: Wash this off using cold water and a gentle shampoo. Repeat at least once a week for best results.

Why this works –

Honey is a natural humectant, which means that it draws moisture from the surroundings to hydrate your strands and keep them shiny. Additionally, the occlusive properties of olive oil help in nourishing severely dry hair to improve elasticity, reduce breakage.

2. Yogurt + egg + mayonnaise for hair fall

Step 01: Start with taking about two to three tablespoons of yogurt into a mixing bowl. Follow it up with about a tablespoon of mayonnaise and break an egg into it. Mix all the ingredients properly until it forms a smooth, lump-free mixture

Step 02: Next, apply this hair mask as evenly as possible starting from the roots of your hair all the way down to the tips.

Step 03: Cover your head with a shower cap and allow this hair mask to stay on for about 30-60 minutes before washing it off with a gentle shampoo and cold water. Coldwater is really important to prevent the egg in the mask from curdling on your head.

Why this works –

Yogurt is brimming with protein that helps in strengthening hair while lactic acid removes oil, dirt and product build-up to deliver thoroughly clean hair and scalp. Another great source of abundant protein, using eggs in your mask promotes hair growth, reduces hair fall and even improves shine and elasticity.

3. Avocado + coconut oil + egg yolk for weak hair prone to breakage

Step 01: Start by mashing a ripe avocado in a bowl. Add about a tablespoon of honey and a whisked egg yolk to it and mix all the ingredients together.

Step 02: Always apply this mixture to dry hair from root to tip.

Step 03: Make sure to cover your head with a shower cap and allow the hair mask to sit on your head for about 20-30 minutes before washing your hair with cold water and a gentle shampoo.

Why this works –

Since avocados are an excellent source of biotin or vitamin B complex, they play an essential role in strengthening hair and promoting hair growth. Including that little amount of coconut oil in this hair mask helps in breaking down any excess sebum on your scalp, while the egg yolk helps in delivering protein to your hair follicles to strengthen them, reducing breakage and hair fall. All these benefits make this an excellent hair mask that you can surely benefit from using regularly.

4. Cinnamon + honey + milk for frizzy hair

Step 01: In a mixing bowl, take about half a cup of raw milk and add about a tablespoon of honey and two tablespoons of pure cinnamon powder to this.

Step 02: Next, break an entire egg into this mixture and mix everything together properly. Heat it over a double boiler for about a minute before moving onto the next step.

Step 03: Apply this mixture all over your hair and scalp, allow it to rest for about half an hour before washing it off with a mild SLS-free shampoo for best results.

Why this works –

We don’t need to familiarise you with the benefits of raw milk in your beauty routine, especially for your hair. Brimming with excellent nutrients such as calcium, proteins and lipids, milk helps to strengthen hair, prevent hair fall and promote growth. This benefit is greatly aided by cinnamon powder that helps in improving blood circulation to your scalp and stimulating dormant hair follicles. Lastly, since honey is a humectant, it helps draw moisture from the surroundings and helps store it in the top-most layer of your hair to keep it soft, supple and perfectly bouncy.

5. Sesame seed oil + aloe vera gel for fungal infections or dandruff

Step 01: Add about two tablespoons of sesame seed oil, about two to three tablespoons of pure aloe vera gel (you can use store-bought or straight from the leaf), a cup of plain curds and about a spoonful of olive oil.

Step 02: Mix all the ingredients together until it forms a smooth mixture and apply it to the lengths and roots of your hair. Before applying, make sure your hair is quite damp and not dry.

Step 03: Leave this hair mask on for at least an hour before washing it off with a mild shampoo for best results.

Why this works –

One of the best benefits of including sesame oil is its infection-fighting abilities. Brimming with antifungal and antibacterial properties, sesame oil, when added to any hair mask helps in preventing and fighting scalp inflammation, dandruff, itchiness and irritation. The presence of aloe vera gel soothes any discomfort and reduces inflammation, making it an excellent DIY hair mask for people with the itchy, inflamed and dandruff-prone scalp.