Perfect match: The ideal ingredient match for your hair concern

Written by Tashika TyagiSep 07, 2021

You probably know all about the skincare ingredients that have been trending in the beauty space and have added a few to your skincare routine as well. But when it comes to hair care, you’re more or less clueless; amirite? Well, if you’ve nodded yes in agreement with that statement, we have some good news. Similar to skincare, the hair care space is loaded with amazing ingredients that can give you the hair of your dreams.

Ahead, we’ve matched you to the ideal ingredient for your hair concern. Check it out…

01. Argan oil to tame frizz

My hair was pretty manageable today — said no girl with curly hair EVER! So, if you have curly or frizzy hair, we suggest making argan oil your new BFF. Also known as liquid gold, it replenishes, hydrates and softens your hair, making them manageable and smooth. You can use the oil directly on your hair or turn to the Love Beauty & Planet Natural Argan Oil & Lavender Anti-Frizz Shampoo to tame your mane. With ingredients like ethically sourced French lavender, Moroccan argan oil and organic coconut oil, this shampoo will nourish your tresses and smooth the frizziness. The best part is that it has no parabens, silicones or dyes and lends your mane an amazing scent of lavender and vanilla. What more could you ask for?

02. Tea tree oil to refresh greasy scalp

Tea tree oil is a natural, potent cleanser and thanks to its antifungal properties, it can help keep your greasy scalp clean from build-up, oil and dandruff. Our go-to is the Love Beauty & Planet Tea Tree Oil & Vetiver Clarifying Shampoo. The ethically sourced Australian tea tree oil, vetiver and organic coconut oil in this shampoo helps clarify and soothe your oily scalp while also getting rid of buildup and refreshing it.

03. Murumuru butter to moisturise and revive coloured hair

The harsh chemicals used in hair colours can turn your mane dry and dull. That’s where murumuru butter comes to the rescue. This butter is made with the fat found in murumuru nuts and is an amazing source to help retain moisture in your hair. Our go-to source of murumuru butter to treat our coloured hair is the Love Beauty & Planet Natural Murumuru Butter & Rose Shine Shampoo. Besides natural murumuru butter, this shampoo has Bulgarian roses and coconut oil that help shine to your colour-treated hair and makes them smell like a bouquet of roses! What we love is that it has no harsh chemicals, dyes, parabens or silicones in its formula.

04. Coconut water to volumise thin hair

Coconut water stimulates cell growth and makes your hair strong at the roots. This reduces hair loss and boosts thicker hair growth. If getting natural coconut water isn’t always possible for you, we suggest the next best thing — the Love Beauty & Planet Natural Coconut Water & Mimosa Volume Shampoo. Made with natural coconut water, Moroccan mimosa flowers and organic coconut oil, this shampoo is mild and free of parabens, silicones and dyes. It helps hydrate, revitalise and replenish your hair without adding a heavy, greasy feeling to them, thus making them appear fuller, voluminous and smell like refreshing mimosas.