Sometimes it seems like hair serum is the be-all and end-all of the hairstyling worlds. Want to smooth your tresses post a shower? Apply a hair serum. Wondering how to protect your hair before heat styling? Go for a serum! Want glossy locks all day long? The serum is the answer! With every hairstyling suggestion leading right back to it, it’s important to know how to use hair serum correctly without goofing up. That’s why we’ve got a few dos and don’ts for you to follow the next time you apply it. 

The Right and Wrong Ways to Use Hair Serum: The Basics 

What is hair serum, and what are the dos and don’ts of how to apply it? Watch a video, and read the explanations below. 

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The Wrong Ways to Use Hair Serum 

Usage #1: Apply it on your scalp 

Hair serum for women is strictly meant for the lengths of your hair and serves no purpose for the scalp. Therefore, the next time you use hair serum, apply it from the mid-lengths of your hair until the ends to benefit your tresses. 

Possible Outcome 

If applied to the scalp, serum hair oil can cause undue blockage and build-up. 

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Usage #2: Over apply hair serum 

A little goes a long way when it comes even to your best hair serum for hair growth, hair smoothing, or heat protection. So, use a coin-sized amount and massage it into the lengths of your hair. A single pump of hair growth serum or serum for hair gloss will suffice for mid-length hair, while long hair may require a bit more. There are different types of hair serums that carry out different functions. For instance, there are hair serums for dry hair and hair regrowth serums. This is why it is so important to read the directions at the back of the pack and follow them to the T to learn about exactly how the serum is meant to be used before you apply it. 

Possible Outcome 

Over applying serum can transform that natural shine into full on grease. Especially take precautions when applying serum on fine hair. If too much of it is applied, even your best hair growth serum makes the hair excessively greasy and limp. Just a single pump applied over the lengths is enough to make your hair appear thicker and fresher if you have thin hair.

hair serum woman brunette long hair

Usage #3: Apply directly to your hair 

Your best hair serum might not work so well if you apply it directly on your hair from the bottle. You should first apply hair serum to your palms, rub it, then evenly spread through your tresses. 

Possible Outcome 

The serum may not spread evenly through your tresses and hair layers to provide nourishment and protection if you apply it directly from the bottle. 

The Right Ways to Use Hair Serum

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Usage #1: Find the right one for you 

The whole point about how to use hair serum is to find the right type of product that will benefit your hair type. 

Step-by-step instructions 

Which serum is best for hair? Select the best hair serum for women based on your hair type and concern. If you want to get rid of frizz, style your hair easily, and add shine to your tresses, opt for the gloss serum, that instantly adds shine and tames flyaways to make your hair look polished and glossy.

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Usage #2: Apply on clean hair 

If you skipped a hair wash because your best hair serum for frizzy hair seemed like an easy way out, stop right there. When hair is greasy and dirty, a serum only adds to the hair's oiliness, weighs it down and traps dirt within. The whole point of how to apply hair serum is to add a protection against the harmful substances in the environment. Applying this to unwashed hair that contains the dirt and pollutants that you’re trying to avoid is completely useless. 

Step-by-step instructions 

Instead, make sure that you wash your hair before you apply serum, and not after, for the best results. Also, remember, when the hair is excessively dry, it absorbs serum quickly and may need a second round. So, if you find your hair dry by the middle of the day, re-apply a single pump to give your hair a shiny boost.

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Usage #3: Combine with suitable products 

Another factor to consider is the shampoo, conditioner and mask that you use. Try to select a range of products that include the same active ingredients as well, so that everything that you use on your hair works well together. 

Step-by-step instructions 

Ensure that you don’t have products with ingredients that are counterproductive to each other. If you need a moisturising hair serum for frizzy hair, you can combine the smoothing TRESemmé Pro Pure Moisture Boost Serum with shampoo, conditioner and mask from the same range. These products, infused with aloe essence, hydrate and smooth your hair, give it a salon-finish and shinier look. Also lear how to layer hair care and styling products the right way. 

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Usage #4: Heat protect with serum 

If you’re in need of a heat protectant, serum is your answer because it serves as a shield to protect hair from heat damage. Another one of the hair serum uses is its styling properties, it can prepare your hair for any hairstyle of your choice, and become your volumising, or hair straightening serum. 

Step-by-step instructions 

TRESemme Gloss Ultimate Serum is the perfect choice to apply before heat styling, as it also works as a thermal protectant to safeguard hair from high temperatures. So if you’re someone who uses hair as a way to express creativity, this hair serum benefits your hair, nourishes, adds gloss, and prepares it for even the most adventurous and out-there styles.

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Usage #5: Post application hair care 

You have finished putting the serum into your hair — now what? Because we’re here to guide you all the way, these are a few tips to make sure you get the most out of your serum. 

Step-by-step instructions 

  • Make sure to brush your hair gently to remove any knots or tangles in the hair. 

  • Blow dry hair to ensure that any dirt or dust particles find it harder to stick to the hair and scalp. 

  • Straighten and style with the comfort that your tresses are strengthened enough to withstand any damage that may be otherwise caused by using heat on your hair.

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Why is the Use of Hair Serum Suitable for Hair Care? 

You’ve no doubt heard the endless list of benefits that come with your best hair serum in India, but do you actually know what it does and how it works? Different from hair oils that work by infusing into the hair follicles and scalp to repair any damage and revive the strands, hair serum is a silicon-based liquid that forms a protective layer over your hair strands. This coating not only acts as a barrier against heat, dirt and other pollutants but also helps tame hair and reduce frizziness. Light also reflects off this serum layer giving your hair a subtle sheen that you only get after a trip to the salon. Hair serum contains active ingredients that work wonders for your hair. They reduce the incidence of hair breakage by providing nourishment and moisture to each strand. The liquid nature of the serum further provides great lubrication for the hair, smoothing it out and making it much easier to manage. 

You can tell whether you need a serum just by glancing at your hair — it’s as simple as that. If you feel that it has been missing that bounce lately, or find that it’s been looking very dull, give your hair the equivalent of a hair spa treatment by applying a hair serum. Other signs that you should be giving your hair a bit of revitalization juice are if you’re regularly applying heat to your hair or if you’re constantly playing tug of war with your brush. If you’re just way ahead of the game and are already using a hair growth serum for women, or the best hair serum for men, why not anticipate when you’ll need it the most — stock up on some if you’re going on a tropical summer vacation or know that your hair will make you look mildly electrocuted this monsoon season! 

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FAQs about The Right and Wrong Ways to Use Hair Serum 

Q1 Should I apply hair serum to oily hair? 

It is recommended to treat oily hair with a serum, too. You can use non-greasy and light oils like an argan oil hair serum for your hair. 

Q2 Does hair serum fight frizz? 

Yes, hair serum helps hydrate and smoothen out rough hair cuticles which reduces frizz and gives you smoother and silkier tresses. You can use a specific frizz-fighting hair serum that targets the fuzzy and unkempt hair. 

Q3 Should I apply hair serum daily? 

Treat your hair with a serum every time you wash your tresses, so, if you wash your hair every day, apply your serum daily. It helps protect your hair from environmental aggressors and provides moisture. Since your hair is brittle and dry after washing, it is recommended to use serum on wash days. 

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