The Ultimate Hair Care Handbook For Every Hair Type And Texture

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
The ultimate hair care handbook for every hair type and texture

We all have different hair textures; with different elasticity, density and diameter. While some are blessed with flawlessly thick mane, others have manageable, fine hair. But it is not the hair texture that matters, a proper hair care routine and the right products are a must to keep pesky hair woes at bay. So, whether you are blessed with fine, medium or thick hair; treat your hair right with these hair care tips. Read on…


Fine hair

Thick hair

Fine hair is super manageable but is prone to breakage, tangling and other hair issues. Plus, the lack of volume in your hair is very frustrating. Also your hair looks flat and limp all the time and you are constantly out of hairstyling options. 

What you need: Invest in a volumising hair spray and other products that enhance the thickness of your hair.

How to care: Don’t brush wet hair as it is weak and breaks easily. Instead, swear by a leave-in conditioner to keep your hair free of knots and flyways.

Styling tip: Style it in hairdos that add volume to your hair like a layered bun or a flat braid with face framing wisps at front.


Medium volume

Thick hair

If you are blessed with hair that is not too thick, nor too thin, you are a lucky girl. However it doesn’t mean your hair doesn’t need proper care and the right hair care routine. You still need to pamper your mane and keep it protected against any damage.

What you need: A head massage with a nourishing oil, before washing your hair will help you get healthy locks. 

How to care: Get a trim regularly to get rid of damaged ends and maintain your naturally voluminous hair.

Styling tip: You can style it any way you want. A ponytail, half up half down or you can try the buns, they look perfect on hair with medium hair volume.


Thick hair

Thick hair

To have fuller looking mane is a blessing and a curse, both. While it looks gorgeous and enviable, hair problems like product build-up and frizz are very common with those that have thick hair.

What you need: You need products to tone down the frizz and excess volume of your hair.

How to care: Wash your hair regularly to clean up the product build up and don’t forget to rinse well. Apply a conditioner after every hair wash. 

Styling tip: A half bun or half ponytail and braids are your best bet as these hairstyles let you flaunt your fuller mane.  

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