3 Foods For Your Hair

Written by Girija NaiksatamOct 25, 2018
There never was a truer adage than ‘you are what you eat’. In fact, that’s also the case when it comes to your hair—its’s a direct reflection of your diet and lifestyle. While you can’t do much about late nights and early mornings, you can definitely work some natural hair enhancers that double up as great food for hair growth. Here’s what you need to load up on…
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Walnuts for Omega 3
The long term benefits of dry fruits are well known, but we could definitely make a case for walnuts alone. They’re rich in Omega 3 fatty acids (which the body cannot produce on its own) which help to keep the scalp hydrated. Walnuts also contain a mineral called Selenium which is responsible for the health of your scalp and prevents dandruff.

6 foods for fabulous hair lentils 300x400

Iron from Meat and Leafy Greens
Everyone with lovely locks definitely owe it to the iron content in their meals. For non-vegetarians, poultry and seafood are both great sources of iron which help in carrying oxygen to our hair follicles, keeping them nourished and healthy. For the vegetarians, spinach, broccoli and other leafy greens do the same job.

6 foods for fabulous hair lentils 300x400

Lentils (Dals) for Folic Acid
Traditionally speaking, lentils are an important ingredient in every Indian meal, but now there’s even more reason to make them a staple. Lentils come loaded with folic acid whose main job is to ensure that the red blood cells work properly. Since these red blood cells are the ones that transfer oxygen to our scalp and hair roots, they’re critical for hair regeneration and growth.

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