Shoulder length hair is both, a boon and a curse of sorts. Its length is perfect for you to experiment with and when ennui sets in you can always hack it off for a complete image overhaul. Of course, apart from the convenience, sometimes you’ll probably be too bored with it. So, here are some ideas to infuse some fun and life into your shoulder length hair and make it the high point of your appearance. There’s so much you can do with shoulder length hair without sacrificing the precious length.

3 ways to rock shoulder length hair bangs hairstyle 600x400

Get bangs!
The coolest thing you can do is get bangs. Wait, hear us out. Bangs completely alter your appearance (mostly for the better). Side, front, pixie, long, short – give yourself a banging style with whichever catches your fancy.

3 ways to rock shoulder length hair bob haircut 600x400

Make it a bob
But that’s not all. Did you know that you can also achieve a bob with shoulder length hair? Well-known hair- stylist and beauty expert Swarnalekha Gupta says, “The style which is in vogue is a long bob. This can be teamed up with a fringe in the front or side swept front hair. This looks stylish and feminine and can be worn with ethnic as well as western wear.”

3 ways to rock shoulder length hair layering hairstyle 600x400

Of course, there are also the famed layers! Layers jazz up your hair giving you a bombshell look like few things will. Swarnalekha adds that, “You could cut the hair in layers and then opt for an in curl blow dry. It looks gorgeous and trust me if your hair is already cut in layers then you can achieve the look at home all by yourself.”

And if these things don’t do it for you, simply introduce your hair to the awesome thing known as hair colour! Highlights, ombre, streaks, ecaille – a hint of colour will give you glam hair that’ll turn more than a few heads.