Every girl who knows her naturally straight (and limp) mane’s worth has secretly envied those lustrous curls and voluminous waves. However, while curly hair looks great on almost all hair types, the damage caused by the frequent use of tong rods and hot rollers can eventually lead to dull, lifeless hair. But the good news is that you can recreate wavy to curly hair that actually lasts with no heat! Yes, you heard that right.

3 ways to curl your hair without heat braid 430x550

Braid all the way!

Possibly the easiest way to no-heat waves and curls is as simple as braiding your hair into a regular three-stand braid. Tie your damp hair into two pigtail braids, secured with a band and open the braids after a couple of hours for natural looking wavy hair. For tighter curls, you could take several smaller sections and braid them tight before hitting the bed to wake up to foxy curls!

3 ways to curl your hair without heat pin curls 430x550


A little more arduous than the braiding method, pin-curls are a great way to create texture and well-defined curls. Apply a generous dose of curl booster on your hair and begin by dividing the hair into small sections. Twist the hair in every section until your roots and secure the same with the help of pins and leave your hair for a couple of hours before opening the pins to reveal big curly locks. The trick here is to take smaller sections for tighter curls and bigger sections for the beachy waves look.

3 ways to curl your hair without heat sock bun 430x550

Sock Bun

Yes, you can use your regular socks to create no-heat curls! Simply cut the toe area off your old socks and roll it up to form a donut. Now tie your hair into a neat high ponytail and spray it with water to dampen it adequately. Run the sock donut through the ponytail till you reach the base and tuck all your hair (whilst covering the donut entirely to form a bun) under the donut. Open the bun after a couple of hours for effortless beach waves!