Chances are that you sport this hairstyle almost every time you don’t want to leave your hair open and it’s quite likely that the classic ponytail doesn't quite make the cut in your list of glamorous hairdos. But a minor tweak is sometimes all you need to add a twist to this age-old plain Jane look.

3 ways to pimp that ponytail knot it 430x550

Knot It

If you’re running late to work and have only a few extra minutes to spare, we suggest knotting your average ponytail. Tie a neat low ponytail and secure it with a band. Now divide the ponytail into two sections and tie your hair into a knot. Using clear elastic, secure the same. Slide the elastic underneath the knot to conceal it and you’re done!

3 ways to pimp that ponytail quiff chic 430x550

Quiff Chic

Take a little effort to work a bouffant with your ponytail. A back-combed bouffant/quiff can add oodles of drama to your look and this hairdo is perfect to complete the most stylish of outfits. Be it a classy derby afternoon or an evening high tea with your stylish bunch of girls – pair your high collared tops with this hairdo to make the right statement.

3 ways to pimp that ponytail romantic twist 430x550

A Romantic Twist

Another variation of the humble ponytail is a low side pony with soft curls. To create this hairdo, begin by simply tying your hair in a low side ponytail. Now taking thick sections, begin by tonging the length of your hair to create soft curls for a romantic look. Add a dash of fresh flowers or a bold studded accessory depending on the occasion.