Tricks To Add Volume (And Life) To Your Dull Locks

Written by Chandni GhoshSep 13, 2016
Nothing makes you happier than seeing your hair look voluminous and sexy, right? But let’s face it—such days are rare. The sight of limp strands of hair often makes us feel like we’re living a bad hair day. But worry not, ladies as we have some easy solutions to having perfectly blown out, voluminous locks! Read our tips and see how it’s totally possible to get big hair without using heating products.
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Sleep in buns

Want to wake up with gorgeous, big hair? Take slightly damp, towel-dried hair and make small buns all through the hair just before you sleep. Secure them with bobby pins so they don’t open up as you roll into bed. Don’t use elastic bands as they will damage your hair and cause breakage.

TIGI’s Superstar Queen For A Day

Heading to a party but your hair is looking rather flat and dull? Give life to your hair by using Bed Head TIGI’s Superstar Queen For A Day that will instantly thicken your hair and give you just the right volume! Moreover, this spray will also ensure that it adds shine to your hair making it absolutely party ready!

Get your hair cut in layers

Hit the salon and get that perfect layered cut. This works perfectly for long or short hair. If you have incredibly thin hair, ask your hairstylist to give you soft layers around the chin. This will make your hair look amazingly thick and full of life. It really is that simple, girls!

Scrunch it up

If you want to make your hair look thick, try giving it volume at the roots. In order to ace this, you need the Toni&Guy Sea Salt Texturising Spray. This one is perfect if you’ve always wanted voluminous, beachy locks. Spray this evenly from root to tip on towel dried hair to create tousled hair. Trust us, it will make your hair look so wow there will be compliments pouring in!

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