5 genius tips to deal with sweaty gym hair

written by Anjali Agarwal on Feb 12, 2020

So, you sign up for a morning gym session and have to head to the office right after your sweaty workout. You cleanse your face and put your makeup on but what do you do with your hair? You can’t show up to the boardroom meeting with icky and limp hair wisps all over your face.

Well, what if we told you that there’s a way to make sure your hair doesn’t tell the tale of your workout? Yeah… you read that right. Here are five genius tips to deal with sweaty gym hair so you can go from workout to work with flawless-looking hair.  

Use dry shampoo

Sprinkle some dry shampoo before you start with your workout. It will help your hair absorb the sweat from your scalp and keep your hair relatively sweat-proof.

Tie your hair up

As you gear up to power through, make sure your hair is nicely secured atop so it doesn’t touch any body part, like your neck and back. Use bobby pins, hair ties and clips to keep your hair in place and far away from your sweaty skin.

Wear a sweat-wicking band

Wearing a thick, sweat-zapping headband on your forehead can really save you some hair drama post-workout. It keeps your hair from falling on your sweaty face, thus keeping it dry and clean.

Blow-dry the sweaty roots

A quick way to dry your sweaty hair is to blow-dry it. Sweat is nothing but salty water and a hairdryer will evaporate it in an instant. If you are making a quick stop at your house for a change, grab your hairdryer and banish the dampness in a tick.

Pull your hair in a braided do

If you sweat a lot on the hairline, your lank hair can look weird if you let it loose. Avoid this by neatly braiding your hair close to the hairline and pulling it back in a bun or a ponytail. This genius work hairstyle is a sneaky way to disguise your greasy post-workout hair. 

Image courtesy: Instagram