Looking for hairstyles that will stay put in the humid weather is quite a task. This leaves you with no option but to turn to go back to flaunting the same hairstyle — buns and braids — you’ve been flaunting all season long. B-o-r-i-n-g.

It’s time to get out of the hairstyle rut, and flaunt fun new hairstyles this season. Enter: Triple ponytail. This hairstyle is super easy to create and will keep friziness at bay. So, if you love ponytails and are ready to try something unusual, the triple ponytail hairdo is going to be your new favourite. When tied a little loosely it also appears like a mohawk.

triple ponytail hairdo tutorial

Image courtesy: @theponytailfiles

Step 01: Start by removing knots and tangles from your hair.

Step 02: Apply hair gel to get a sleek and shiny look.

Step 03: Pick hair from the front of the ear and section into half at the top of the crown. Smooth out and secure with a clear elastic.

Step 04: Grab a small section of hair from underneath this ponytail and wrap it around the band and secure.

Step 05: Now, using the end of a rat tail comb section hair from the top of the ear and repeat step 04.

Step 06: Gather up the remaining hair and follow the same steps. Secure and spritz some hair spray to prevent frizz and give it a shiny look.

Step 07: To give it a mohawk look, gently pull on the strands to loosen the top of the hair. Finish off with hair spray.

Main image courtesy: blogs.babble.com on Pinterest