Curly Hair, Don’t Care: Your Ultimate Guide To Embracing And Styling Curly Hair In 2024

Written by Lopa KFeb 06, 2024
Curly Hair, Don’t Care: Your Ultimate Guide to Embracing and Styling Curly Hair in 2024

Are you looking for ways to finally get the most out of your curly hair? Or is your current haircare routine not working out? Well, you’re in the right place then! Curls are wonderfully unique and beautiful, but they do require some specialized care to look their best.  

Understanding how to nurture your natural texture and finding the right styling techniques can make a world of difference in showcasing your curls at their finest. So, we are going to take you through the ABCs of this particular hair type and how you can finally ace all those hairstyles for curly hair on your Pinterest board. 

Your Ultimate Guide to Embracing and Styling Curly Hairstyles in 2024   

Maintaining and creating hairstyles for curly hair come with their own unique adventures and hurdles. First, there’s the dryness factor. Curly hair's natural oils have a hard time making their way down those twists and turns, leaving your hair prone to dryness and frizz.  

Trust us, humidity can turn your hair into a whole new level of chaos. Those beautiful curls also love intertwining, making detangling feel like an Olympic sport. Heat, aggressive and dry brushing, and chemical treatments? They can spell disaster for your delicate curls. But there is a way out… 

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Curly Haircare 101 - Nourishing Your Natural Texture  

Maintaining curls begins with a solid routine and hydration treatments. Washing your hair with sulfate-free, moisturising shampoos ensures a gentle cleanse without stripping natural oils. Follow this with a rich, hydrating conditioner to nourish your strands.  

Incorporating regular deep conditioning treatments and occasional protein treatments helps maintain a balance of moisture and strength in your curls. But a simple wash-and-go won't cut it. You need products specifically crafted for curls—think creams or gels—to define those beautiful spirals.  

Styling techniques matter as well. There is the pineapple aka a high ponytail for bed. Plopping is the curl equivalent to the towel twist – gently wrapping the towel over your head without twisting your hair. And the good old scrunching which is squeezing out excess water before applying all the hair products. 

curly hair faqs

Decoding the Curl - Type and Pattern  

Indians usually have Type 2 and Type 3 hair. Type 2 is close to wavy hair while Type 3 encompasses everything from loose curls to the tightest curls Indian hair can sport. If you are curious, Type 4 is extremely tight coils usually seen amongst those of African descent. And each curl type requires haircare routine customization.  

For Type 2, a routine involving lightweight products like mousse or light gels helps define the waves without weighing them down. Type 3 curls, which are more spiralled, benefit from richer creams and moisturising masks to enhance definition and fight frizz. 

The Styling Spectrum - From Loose Waves to Tight Coils  

Styling techniques vary for different curl types. For loose waves, scrunching with a diffuser attachment on low heat can enhance texture. For tighter coils, applying products like curl creams or gels while hair is damp helps lock in moisture and define the curls. And in most cases, combs and brushes on dry curls are an absolute no-no, no matter what styling techniques you use.  

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Well, here are some recommended hair products you can use: 

Every hair type has something extra to help style it just right and the same goes for hairstyles for curly hair. Hair masks give your curls extra TLC with a boost of moisture so that your hair stays soft, nourished and well, curly. So, in this case, if you want a good hair mask for curly hair in India, get your hands on the Dove Beautiful Curls Deep Moisture Miracle Hair Mask. It is free of the usual harsh chemicals that can ruin curly hair and instead uses super moisturising ingredients to give you soft and frizz-free curls. 

On good hair days, curly hair is a hairstyle in itself. But sometimes we want a little help from a hair dryer or straightener or even a curling tong. But you just needed one teensy step before that – a heat protectant spray. We love the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protect Spray as it effectively protects your hair. It also doubles up as hair spray and sunscreen so go ahead and add it to your cart now! 

For the dullness, frizziness and unruliness that is sure to mess up any hairstyles for curly hair, we’d suggest going with a hair serum. If you want something to focus on calming the frizz and flyaways, TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Serum is infused with argan oil to give you a smooth finish. 

If you like the professional shine that even simple curly hairstyles seem to have, go with the TRESemmé Gloss Ultimate Hair Serum. As the name suggests, it goes hard with a trifecta of moisturising oils for a sleek and polished look. 

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Curly Hair Routine - Day to Night Regimens  

Establishing a daily hair routine involves refreshing your curls with a spritz of water or a leave-in conditioner in the morning. Co-washing aka conditioner-only wash can also be a saviour for the driest, frizziest curls. But remember, moderation is key to avoid buildup and flatness so do this only once or twice a week. 

For your nightly regimen, consider pineapple-ing your hair or using a silk or satin scarf or pillowcase to protect your curls while sleeping. Even protective styles like braids or twists can shield your curls from damage and maintain their shape. 

You can also turn to the trusty Curly Girl Method—a 6-step miracle that went viral in the 2010s:  

  • First start with sulfate shampoo to get rid of product buildup.  

  • If you have yet to use silicone or wax products, skip this step and then shampoo with a sulphate-free shampoo like you usually would.  

  • Condition and detangle together.  

  • Apply your curl-defining product which is usually a gel or wax. But remember, if you like your hair serums, they go before the gel. 

  • Scrunch part 1 before air-drying or using a diffuser.  

  • Then scrunch part 2 to break the cast. And voila, perfect curls achieved! 

curly hair faqs

FAQs about Curly Hair Styling

Q1. Can I braid curly hair? 

Yes. Braiding keeps your curls safe and pretty. You can go for simple side braids or even rock intricate fishtails—get creative and showcase those beautiful curls! 

Q2. Can I leave curly hair open? 

Yes, indeed! Let those curls roam free. Embrace the effortless beauty of your natural curls. But make sure you have a proper haircare routine to keep them healthy, untangled and frizz-free. 

Q3. What are some simple curly hairstyles? 

For simple curly hairstyles, clips on open hair work wonders. Let your curls bounce with a cute clip on the side. Alternatively, a sleek high ponytail can add elegance without you losing a nail or a clip in your wild mane. 

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