When you are blessed with super long curly hair, you learn to live with the fact that you are always going to be late to work, meetings and basically everything. First, it takes so much time to detangle your knotty hair and then it literally takes forever to style it in a decent hairstyle. Sigh! Life is really tough for a girl with curls.

If you are always running late because of your long curly hair or you are short on hairspiration for your curly mane, we have a bunch of celebrity-approved hairstyles that you can put together without spending hours. These hairstyles are chic, easy and will take like five minutes to do. Take a look.

5 easy and quick hairstyles for long curly hair

Braided low ponytail

A braid has got to be the go-to hairstyle for every curly haired girl. It keeps your hair well-behaved, tangle-free and well, how fabulous does the braid look with all that volume you got? But it does take a lot of effort and time to work a full braid. Try this braided ponytail that is quick and gorgeous. Make a French braid and secure it on the nape of your neck to let your curls fall in a ponytail.       

5 easy and quick hairstyles for long curly hair

Stack a pin

This is the easiest yet the most glamorous hairstyle for curly hair that we have come across. The 80s’ big hair look with a stack of blingy pins on the side will not take you more than, what—a minute? Show off your natural curls for a glam event by just adding the bling factor with a barrette or hair pin. 

5 easy and quick hairstyles for long curly hair

Messy top knot

Going for a shopping spree, brunch or casual date? Wrap your long curls in a messy top knot. It will look voluminous and textured, thanks to your fuller-looking hair. The wavy fringe falling on the side of the face though, is what we are totally gushing over. Leave some wisps from the front and wrap all your hair in a bun and place it atop your head. Secure with a scrunchie or bobby pins.   

5 easy and quick hairstyles for long curly hair

High ponytail

If you thought Ariana Grande’s signature ponytail is only for a poker straight mane, think again. A sky-high ponytail looks equally (or maybe even more) gorgeous on curly hair and here’s proof. Copy this look in a tick by flipping your hair upside down and making a ponytail on the crown. Avoid using a hairbrush and keep the hair tousled and messy.   

5 easy and quick hairstyles for long curly hair

Twisted half up-half down

Here is a two-minute hairstyle for all those lazy girls with curls. Maybe you don’t have the time (because you overslept) or maybe you don’t feel like making a bulky braid or bun. Simply part your hair down the centre and twist a small section from each side. Pin them both at the back and let your gorgeous curls loose.  

Image courtesy: Instagram