Layered Haircuts: Why They're Essential For Every Hair Type

Written by Lopa KJan 25, 2024
Layered Haircuts: Why They're Essential for Every Hair Type

Growing your hair long and maintaining it is a huge responsibility and not everyone can commit to it. While some can’t genetically manage to go beyond a certain length, others struggle with problems like dryness and brittle hair. There are also a few women who think long hair is a huge burden, because let’s accept it, it can get really heavy and requires maintenance. Going about your daily activities with long and thick hair can be frustrating. Long layered hair is the answer to this problem, it looks stunning on every hair type, minus the ‘heavy’ feeling.


Layered Haircuts: Why They're Essential for Every Hair Type


Getting a layered cut offers a multitude of reasons to consider it: It's the epitome of versatility, effortlessly complementing every style and occasion while enhancing natural waves or curls, infusing the hair with volume, and creating dynamic movement even for short layered hair. Importantly, it achieves this while maintaining the length, making your hair look stunningly gorgeous. For those with thick or heavy hair, long layered hair make it more manageable, reducing styling time and offering a lighter feel, all while subtly softening or accentuating your facial features for an overall flattering look. Well, let’s look into these benefits in detail!


Layered Cuts Decoded - A Style Evolution


You know, there's something timeless about layered haircuts, isn't there? It's fascinating to look at the evolution of layered cuts, how they have managed to retain their popularity through different eras. From classic looks to contemporary styles, layered hair has always been around. The 80s had Farrah Fawcett while now we have the trendy feathered hair which is just gradual layers. So, if there is one thing about layered haircuts is that they will never go out of fashion.


Enhancing Texture and Volume - Layered Hair's Magic


Let's talk about the magic of texture and volume that layered hair brings! Layers strategically cut into the hair create an illusion of thickness and slimness. By varying the lengths of hair strands, layers add dimension and fullness, making long layered hair look thicker than it actually is. This technique adds movement and body to otherwise lifeless locks, giving them a more voluminous appearance.

As for a wild mane, layered cut for thicker hair strategically removes weight from certain places by giving long layers. What about flat hair? Well, by similarly removing some weight from certain areas and adding it to others, layers distribute the hair's volume more evenly. This redistribution creates a lifted effect, preventing the hair from falling flat against the scalp.

And since each layer has its own length, this variance works wonders for hair lacking texture. Texturizing with layers can highlight natural waves or curls, giving them room to bounce and showcase their inherent texture.


Customizing Face Shapes - Layered Hair's Flattering Effect


You ever notice how a layered cut seems to have this almost magical way of framing faces? It's like a work of art. Whether you've got a heart-shaped face or a square one, those layers know how to accentuate your best features. Say you have a round, baby face, layered cuts for face framing can easily hide those chubby cheeks if you want a slim look. On the other hand, square and wide jaws can easily look softer with short layered hair that is chin-length. So, if there is one thing to keep in mind, it is that personalized layered haircuts suits everyone.


Styling Versatility - Playful Options with Layers


There are so many versatile layered hairstyles that it's like having a canvas ready for different occasions. From a casual day out to a glamorous evening event, there are endless styling options for layered hair to create stunning looks without spending hours in front of the mirror.

You can easily leave it open but it will look far from boring. Even a ponytail made of thin or fine hair looks textured and playful due to all the layers. However, braids, that’s where it can get a little complicated due to the random layers poking out in the middle of a plait. So, the best way to go about is to do a French or Dutch braid.


As for frizz or flyaways, we’ve got you! Discover the magic of TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Serum, a transformative blend enriched with argan oil that works wonders for your hair. This serum is your secret weapon against frizz, offering a smooth and sleek finish while fortifying your locks to be twice as strong. Its formula ensures long-lasting vibrancy and a brilliant shine that lasts throughout the day. For effortless layered hair looks, simply apply this serum to damp hair, focusing on the mid-lengths to ends.


FAQs about Layered Hair

Q1. Which haircut is best suited for long hair?

A. Apart from layers, there are a lot of haircuts you can opt for if you have long hair. These include straight cuts, tapered ends, front cuts, U-cuts and more. It all depends on your face shape and the texture of your hair.

Q2 . What is the latest haircut trend for long hair?

A. Layered haircuts suit long hair like no other but a V-shaped haircut is highly recommended for long and thick hair. It is low maintenance and you won’t have to spend too much time on styling.

Q3. Is long hair trendy?

A. If you get the right colour and cut, a long hairstyle is definitely trendy. Long hair can be styled in layers, textures, beachy waves, shags and ombré shades to make it look trendy.

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