5 Warm Hair Colour Ideas Worth Copying Asap

Written by Urvi DalalSep 16, 2023
5 warm hair colour ideas worth copying ASAP

Switching up your hair colour every couple of months to suit the ongoing season and trend is something we girls love, don’t we? From colouring our hair a pretty shade of blonde in the winters to dyeing it a funky shade of blue during the summers, some of us love experimenting with hair colours.

But there are some women don’t venture outside their comfort zone and end up sticking to brown hues when it comes to their hair. Are you one of them? Well, we’ve got good news for you. There are several ways by which you can spruce up your basic hair colour to make it look absolutely stylish.

Following are some amazing warm hair colour inspirations that you need to copy this summer to step out in style.


Dark honey blonde


We won’t be surprised if this is the most asked for hair colour this season. Irrespective of your skin tone, this colour looks extremely stunning and the honey-coloured highlights will make your hair glisten when you step out in the sun.


Warm caramel


Caramel highlights on brown hair look really beautiful as they provide the perfect contrast between light and dark. The best part about this hair colour is that it usually looks like a shade of brown, but when you step out in the sun, the caramel highlights really come to life.


Basic brown


Getting your hair coloured for the first time or simply don’t want to experiment with new hair colour? You can always opt for a beautiful warm brown hue. Since it’s only slightly lighter than black, a warm brown colour provides just the right kind of dimension and depth when light hits it.


Warm chocolate brown


The problem with having basic brown hair is that your hair colour could end up looking flat if not styled properly. Therefore, adding some warm chocolate highlights will instantly add a lot more depth and body to your hair and give your skin a radiant glow.




Although predominantly a winter colour, burgundy, if used strategically, works wonders in the summers as well. The warmth of this colour looks beautiful on all Indian skin tones and helps break the monotony of the usual browns and blondes.

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