If you’ve been obsessively looking at the ends of your hair in the hope that you can stare your split ends away, we’re glad that you’ve found this article. While split ends can seemingly rob you of your dreams of having perfect hair, you won’t have to fret over it anymore because we’re here to present you with the best hair tips and tricks to get your hair looking shampoo-commercial worthy. 

What Causes Split Ends: The Basics  

What are split ends? Split ends meaning is that a hair tip is dry and damaged, and divided into several parts. Split ends hair condition is common especially for those with long tresses, that get drier at the tips. The reason for split ends can lie in heat, chemical, or physical damage, also in lack of moisturising and nourishment. 

What Causes Split Ends woman long brown hair brush

A Complete Guide on What Causes Split Ends  

1. Heat and chemical damage 

What causes split ends appearance? Regular heat styling without protection is one of the main reasons. Long-term treatments that can change the hair texture, like perm or straightening, also play a role in split ends occurrence. Dry and damage hair tips can appear after hair bleaching, or dyeing, too. 

2. Physical damage 

Do not underestimate the impact of external factors on your hair tips, such as intensive rubbing while washing, wearing tight hairstyles, rough brushing, not protecting your tresses from sunlight, etc. Be extra gentle to your wet hair, as it is mostly prone to damage at the tips when damp. 

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3. Lack of nourishment 

The longer your hair is, the lesser natural hair oils spread to mid-length and tips, that’s why it’s so tricky to get rid of split ends without losing the length. A leave-in product that you can apply directly on dry and damaged hair areas helps to restore the lipidic balance and becomes sort of a split end remover. Like TRESemmé Pro Pure Damage Recovery Hair Serum, that can be applied on dump or dry hair to recover the signs of damage, smooth your hair tips, control frizz and breakage, and add shine to your locks.  

Tips on How to Prevent Split Ends  

How to get rid of split ends? To be honest, there aren’t so many ways of how to repair the damaged split-ends. You can rather smooth and fill them with moisturising products and masks, and this is the way of how to get rid of split ends overnight visually, or you can just trim damaged hair tips. The wiser approach is to prevent split ends appearance, and here’s how. 

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1. Try and go heat-free! 

How to prevent split ends? Use heat appliances as little as possible! This is the very mantra that we want you to repeat daily. Whether you’re using a straightener, curler or even just giving your hair a quick blow-dry, you’re actually sucking out all the natural moisture from your hair every time you do so. Applying heat to your hair is one of the most efficient ways of making it brittle. If you’ve been straightening your hair before going to work every day for a while now, we suggest that you henceforth start skipping the process at least a few times a week!

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2. Wash your hair correctly 

Be gentle with your hair while washing, make a foam in your palms, then apply it to the roots, do not rub your hair length and tips. Use moisturising shampoo for split ends because too harsh formulas can dry out your hair and strip it of its natural oils and minerals, making your hair prone to breakage. We recommend TRESemmé ProPure Damage Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner with fermented rice water to gently cleanse hair and protect it from breakage, eliminate frizz, make your locks smooth and shiny from root to tip.

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You can also try sulphate-free Dove Hair Therapy Breakage Repair Shampoo and Conditioner with moisturising formulas and Nutri-Lock serum that repair your hair deeply in cellular level. Follow these two simple steps to achieve stronger, thicker, and shinier hair. 

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3. Be gentle with your hair  

  • To all those impatient folks drying their hair with towels out there, please wait a moment. We’ve all found out that after vigorously rubbing our wet hair with a towel only makes us resemble Medusa. When your hair gets particularly knotted (which is inevitably going to happen when you towel-dry it), combing it out requires much more force than usual, leading to more split-ends. Why not leave your hair wrapped up in a towel turban-styled instead? 

  • We’ve got another tip for you related to wet hair. As wet hair is less flexible, it snaps a lot easier as well. We suggest that you brush your hair after it has completely dried because that way, it becomes less susceptible to breakage. 

  • If you’re that woman who always has her hair tied up in a top knot while at work, we suggest that you switch it up a bit and maybe go for a hairband instead. By twisting your hair up into that one position over and over again, you end up placing quite a bit of stress on just that one region, leading to breakage and split ends. 

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4. Trim, trim, trim 

How to remove split ends with 100% guarantee? Obviously, the answer is a haircut, or a split end trimmer use! For those of you that crave lusciously long locks, it may seem as if we’re trying to crush your dreams but we assure you that this is not true. Just by getting your hair slightly trimmed by split end machine in a way that only gets rid of the damaged part of your hair, you’ll find that your hair looks and feels a lot healthier. If you’re wondering how to remove split ends yourself, and how to remove split ends at home, you can invest in special split end remover machine, or split end hair trimmer. 

FAQs about Split Ends Remedies 

What Causes Split Ends woman long brown hair

Does sleeping on silk effective against split ends? 

Once you try this split ends remedy, you’ll be able to notice the difference in your hair. By merely swapping your cotton pillowcase with a silk one, you can prevent your hair from becoming rough and broken. As cotton is quite a coarse material in comparison to silk, it actually harms your hair while silk, on the other hand, works to protect it. 

Does keratin treatment help against split ends? 

Keratin is the main protein that forms your hair, which makes this procedure a split end treatment, besides other benefits. By undergoing this hair treatment for split ends, you inject extra protein into your hair. This protein helps moisturise and strengthen those especially weak strands that appear to be broken or seem like they’re just about to break.  

Can hair mask eliminate split ends? 

Whether you choose to invest in a good moisturising hair product or to DIY with some natural remedies, applying a hair mask is always a great way to inject some life back into your hair. We’ve shared our favourite hair masks with you below:

What Causes Split Ends woman long brown hair tresemme mask

TRESemmé ProPure Damage Recovery Mask 

TRESemmé ProPure Damage Recovery Mask helps to strengthen, nourish, and smooth damaged hair and split ends. Its intense moisturising formula with fermented rice water and sunflower seed oil contains no parabens and mineral oils, provides a protein boost to your tresses, reduces breakage and dryness. 

Egg whites and lemon 

You can also try home remedies for split ends, but before using natural recipes do a patch test, or consult with a trichologist. For example, with the egg to revitalise those brittle strands and to pump in a few extra vitamins, and the lemon to help remove any extra grease from your hair, you’ll be able to combat the worst of your split-end troubles with minimal effort. Simply mix the whites of an egg with the juice of half a lemon and apply this concoction onto your hair, leaving it on for about 45 minutes before rinsing it off with water. Then, carry out your regular shampoo-conditioner routine. 

Olive oil and honey 

This mask acts like your hair’s knight in shining armour. The honey helps strengthen your hair follicles and also provides your hair with an enviable sheen while the olive oil works to moisturise and repair dry hair. 

Now you know the causes of split ends, and how to prevent their appearance, also learn how to get rid of split ends forever