You could be using a zillion hair care products regularly and styling your hair beautifully, but you’ve probably not switched your hair parting in years. We’ll tell you why you should be guilty!

Switching your hair parting on a regular basis has more benefits than you can even imagine. From allowing your roots to breathe to keeping pesky flyaways at bay, switching your hair parting is the best thing you can do for your hair. And that’s not all! Switching your hair parting can also change your look instantly and add volume (when you switch from centre to side). Win-win!

Here are all the reasons why should keep switching your hair parting.

why you should keep switching your parting

#01: Gives you a brand new look

Let’s admit it! At some point, we start getting bored of seeing our hair parted in the same old way. Girls, it’s time for a switch! While you may not want to go all out with a drastic change such as a quirky hair colour or a funky haircut, switching your hair parting can do the trick.

If you’ve been wearing your hair in a centre parting, then we suggest you switch it to a side part and vice-versa. This little trick will instantly transform your look from boring to beautiful.

#02: Prevents breakage

Now, you must be wondering how switching your hair parting can prevent breakage. Well, the logic is that when you have a set parting, you are exposing the same strands to heat damage which ultimately leads to breakage. Another reason is that the more you wear your hair in the same part, the more you tend to wear the hair down in that area, and this too causes breakage. Therefore, keep changing your parting, your hair will thank you!

why you should keep switching your parting

#03: Helps disguise greys and dandruff

If your hair starts greying prematurely, you’ll first see signs of it on your roots. The same stands for dandruff. If you’ve been wearing your hair in a centre parting, then it’s best to switch to a side part so as to hide grey strands (without going for a dye) and to hide dandruff (when nothing else is working).

And do you know what the best part is? Switching from centre to side can instantly add volume to your tresses. Try it out!  

#04: You get to experiment

Wait… who says there are only two ways in which you can part your hair? If you want to go all out and indulge in some fun experiments, then try a diagonal, zig-zag or just an imperfect parting which looks anything but regular. Add some glitter onto the roots for added glamour. This little trick can instantly take your hair game a notch higher without spending hours creating a hairstyle. We suggest you try this on sleek, wet hair.

Image courtesy: Instagram