What is co wash meaning? Simply put, co-washing is short for conditioner only washing. It involves ditching your shampoo and relying only on your conditioner for your daily or weekly wash. This method is said to make curly hair softer, smoother and shinier. Shampoo and conditioner seem inseparable right? But many women across the globe are skipping their shampoo and adopting this quicker and money saving technique. Here’s everything you need to know about co wash method!

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Co-Washing for Curly Hair: The Basics  

What is a co wash used for? If you have dry and curly hair the chances of benefiting from this method are higher. According to experts most conditioners contain traces of detergents known as cationic surfactants. When mixed with water these surfactants pick up tiny amounts of dirt from your hair making it clean but not squeaky clean. Co-washing may not work for those with straight and limp hair as the conditioner can weigh hair down and make it look thinner.  

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How to find the best conditioner for co washing? If you are searching for “best co wash for curly hair India”, pay attention to Dove Beautiful Curls Detangling Conditioner which helps to restore smoothness for dry and frizzy hair. The detangling and softening formula of this product makes it one of the best co wash conditioners in India since it is free of drying agents like sulphates and parabens. Instead, it is loaded with glycerine, coconut oil and shea butter to add moisture back to your curls.

What Is Co-Washing Curly Hair?  

Co washing of wavy hair wouldn’t be so popular if there were no benefits involved. Other than cutting your hair wash time to half the reason why it is beneficial is because it is much gentler than traditional shampoos. The mid length and ends of curly hair do not receive the natural oil produced by the sebaceous glands due to its structure. Shampoos can make them drier and further strip oils from the strands. The best co wash for fine hair with frizzy structure, or curly hair, will restore the lost moisture and reduce frizz to a great extent.

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Benefits of Co-Washing for Curly Hair  

Should I co wash? Check all the benefits below and find the answer. 

1. Curl definition 

The photo search results for “co washing before and after” may force you trying this method, because it helps to get to know your natural hair structure better. For those with slightly waves, bounce curl co wash goals can be achieved; women with tight coils can reduce hair dryness, and annoying frizz

2. Shine 

Deep conditioning and gentle washing add shine to your curls, due to the protective layers that stay on your hair and make it healthier. 

3. Softness 

Co washing method is all about extra moisturising your locks, and this provides softness to dry and coarse hair. 

4. Growth benefits 

One of the curly girl’s concerns is hair breakage that blocks healthy growth. Co washing hair growth unlocking method reduces breakage, as your locks become more hydrated, and elastic. Although, 

co washing thin hair can overweight weak tresses and lead to damage, so it’s important to find out, whether co wash matches your hair type or not. 

5. Less tangling 

Moisturised hair is smooth, and easily slide past one another, which means no more stubborn tangles and knots. 

co wash curly hair woman

Steps to Ensure the Co-Washing for Curly Hair Works  

How to co wash wavy hair? Follow the steps below to build your perfect co wash routine, discover more co washing tips, as well as co wash curly hair products. 

1. Detangling 

Detangle your hair before co washing, since the tresses are vulnerable when damp, and post-washing detangling can break the curl structure, and add frizz. 

2. Cleansing 

Start by choosing co wash cleansing conditioner, one that will gently cleanse and condition your hair. It locks moisture into your hair and makes it look smooth. Gently massage it on wet hair the way you do with traditional shampoo, working your way towards the ends and let it sit for few minutes before washing it off. If you are boarding the co-washing bandwagon we suggest you take a break from time to time and include a shampoo, or scalp scrub once in a while to deep cleanse. 

3. Moisturising and nourishing 

Condition your hair one more time, or use a leave-in hydration and nourishment product after rinsing and slightly wiping your tresses. 

4. Blow dry and styling 

This step will help you to define your curls, add shine, and avoid frizz. Keeping your head upside down, gather your tresses due to their natural structure, like compressing the springs. Cover your head with microfiber towel, or a cotton T-shirt to minimise frizz. Leave it for a while, then blow dry your hair naturally, or use a drier with diffuser to help define curls. You can also add a hair mousse on this stage. 

FAQs about Co-Washing for Curly Hair  

Does co washing caucasian hair really works? 

Co washing method works for all the wavy and curly hair types, from slightly wavy to tightly coiled (2C to 4C curl types). Only for very straight and limp hair it doesn’t work at all, but, to be honest, this type of hair is rare found.  

How often should you co wash curly hair? 

Once you stepped into co washing routine, you should use co wash as often as a regular hair cleanser. Frequency of hair wash also depends on your hair type, and the amount of styling products you use, but, let’s say: at least a few times a week. 

What’s better for my curls: co wash vs shampoo

Though, co washing benefits for curly hair are all listed above, this is not necessarily the best method for you. You can only find out experimentally, if you like the result, or not. Also, no matter how dry or curly your hair is, if you have dandruff, scalp flakiness, or any other unwanted scalp conditions, co washing may worsen the situation by clogging pores and making a product build up on your scalp. In this case, it’s better to use shampoo and scalp scrub, or even take a trichologist’s advice. 

Can a man do beard co wash? 

Not only best co wash for curly hair provides benefits, but men with beards sometimes stick to this method to make facial hair softer and smoother. There are special washing conditioners for beard, but a moisturising hair product sometimes can be used for this purpose, too. 

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