Just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about shampoos, here comes the pH neutral shampoo. To take our research to the next level, we got our hands on the Sunsilk Natural Recharge—the newest neutral pH shampoo in the market—and scooped up some facts about the chemical balance of our hair washes.
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Your hair is protected by an outer layer called the cuticle. It is responsible for giving your hair its strength, elasticity and shine. Every time your hair comes in contact with substances such as oil, conditioner or shampoo, it affects the nature of your hair.

As a rule, alkaline solutions tend to open up the cuticle, tending to make your hair appear dull and rough. On the other hand, acidic solutions, in an attempt to make hair look smooth, can contract the cuticle and suffocate the hair shaft making your hair appear lean and limp.

Shampoos with Neutral pH such as the Sunsilk Natural Recharge are the perfect recommendation for all types of hair. They maintain the acid-alkaline balance that’s required for hair health which means that even if you prefer to wash your hair more often, its health will be intact. It also does the primary job of ridding your scalp of dirt and bacteria which can be a breeding ground for dandruff.

Apart from a perfect pH balance, your hair also needs the right supplements to keep it healthy. The Sunsilk Natural Recharge is enriched with power packed herbal nutrition in the form of potent ginseng root and oil which make your hair thicker, stronger and fuller.