When it comes to hair wash, you’ve got to follow a basic routine; wash, rinse, condition, and apply leave-on serum. Easy peasy. You've obviously heard about the benefits of conditioner—smooth, shiny, moisturized, frizz-free hair; and how it’s a must when it comes to good hair care. But what if I told you skipping conditioner occasionally won't necessarily harm your hair? After all, we've all dealt with conditioner getting over before shampoo, or discovering that we've run out of it after we've shampooed, or maybe you were just in a rush to get out the door but needed to wash your hair, right?

Here are a few reasons why you needn’t panic if you've been in any of the above situations...


1. Too much of it could be what’s keeping you from getting that voluminous hair

hair that’s thick, frizzy, curly, or a mix

Conditioners are usually most suitable for those with hair that’s thick, frizzy, curly, or a mix of all three. However, for those of you with fine or scanty hair, it’s probably what’s weighing your hair down, making it look limp. So, if you’re going all out with conditioner while styling your hair, you might want to skip it out altogether after a wash and go about styling your hair as you normally would.

2. Your hair needs to breathe… once in a while

Conditioner blocks your hair’s follicles, the same way bad moisturizer blocks your pores. The same way that you would consider going product free for about a day, you can consider skipping conditioner too—it will give your hair a chance to breathe and exist in its normal state (sans conditioner for those of you who have forgotten).

3. Conditioner might not be suitable for your skin type

Most hair conditioners contain chemicals that might not be suited for certain skin types. So if you switch your conditioner and begin to see acne or eruptions near your hairline, blame your hair care products instead of your skin care routine.

Natural hair oils

Don’t be completely discouraged though. Moisturising your hair is just as important as cleansing it. However, it’s important you know the drawbacks of the commercial conditioners of today, so that your hair gets the right nourishment. If you’re wondering what could possibly replace conditioner, here are a few effective alternatives that will keep your locks supple and shiny:

1. Natural hair oils: Use of natural oils such as jojoba, argan, almond, and castor oil are highly recommended as they make your hair smooth and shiny, whilst also negating risks posed by chemicals.

2. Egg whites: Known as nature’s smelly conditioner, egg whites do the job of a conditioner just as well, if not better. If you’re wondering what to do about the smell, you don’t need to worry, egg whites will wash right off leaving no smell behind.

3. Hair serum: Good serums are very effective, as they detangle your hair, and add shine to it. They’re also effective shields against dust and dirt. Then again, serums aren’t natural, and just like we’ve already established, regulated use is advised.

Skipping conditioner occasionally isn’t such a bad thing—and now you know why. So, leave those chemicals behind sometimes, and leave your hair be. Let your hair breathe and it’ll be thankful you did.