On those rushed mornings, leaving your much-procrastinated hair wash ceremony for the night seems to be the best idea. After all, it does mean extra time in the shower, which isn’t possible since you hit the snooze button at least ten times.

But washing your hair in the night is not exactly a blessing for your hair. In fact, it could be the worst thing you are doing to your hair. Why, you ask? Here is what happens to your hair when you wash it at night and what you can do to salvage the situation, in case you do have to. ‘Cause let’s face it; we are never waking up early in the morning).  

This is why you shouldn’t wash your hair at night time

Your hair doesn’t air dry

Since you hit the sheets not long after you wash your hair, there’s really no time for you to let your hair air-dry. The result is that your scalp is still moist and soon becomes a home to grime, fungus and dandruff. Towel-dry your hair properly first and then blow dry so you don’t go to bed with overly damp hair.   

This is why you shouldn’t wash your hair at night time

It becomes prone to tangles and breakage

It’s no news that wet hair is prone to breakage. But, if you wash your hair and go straight to bed, the situation only gets worse because your hair gets tangled and knotted as you toss and turn on the pillow. It not only causes hair breakage when you brush it in the morning, but also affects the strength of your locks. Wrap your hair in a loose bun and sleep on a silk pillowcase to avoid this damage.

This is why you shouldn’t wash your hair at night time

It damages the cuticle

Sleeping with damp hair is a big no-no. The reason is that it damages your hair cuticles in a big way. Ever noticed how your hair is unimaginably frizzy the morning after you wash it in the night? It is because sleeping on damp hait roughens up your cuticles and causes serious damage to your mane. To avoid this, detangle your hair and apply a serum to nourish your wet hair and tame the frizz.