Here’s Why Your Hair Care Routine Needs A Healthy Dose Of Keratin

Written by Pratishtha RanaNov 30, 2023
Here’s why your hair care routine needs a healthy dose of keratin

There are only a few trusted ingredients that we rely upon to save our tresses from turning dull, lifeless and frizzy. And the one that enjoys the max popularity amongst haircare buffs is keratin. Yes, we’ve all heard of keratin; from our hairstylist, friends and beauty bloggers who just can’t stop raving about how glossy and soft, it makes the hair.

But, do you know what exactly keratin is and have you tried it on your hair yet? If not, today, we take a deeper dive into the top reasons why your hair care routine needs a healthy dose of keratin.


But first, what is keratin?

keratin benefits for hair

Keratin is a natural protein that makes most of our hair, skin and nails. Interestingly, about 80-90 per cent of our hair is keratin, forming the internal cortex and the outer cuticle of our hair. It is hugely responsible for maintaining the elasticity, shine and strength of our tresses. But constant heat tools and chemicals can cause keratin loss, leaving hair frizzy, unruly and prone to breakage.


Makes hair stronger

keratin benefits for hair

The easiest way to include keratin in your hair care routine is by using TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Mask. Best used once or twice a week after shampooing, this keratin-rich hair mask rebuilds the strength of your damaged hair by coating your shafts with keratin’s protective protein. Seeping deep into your hair layers, keratin replenishes your hair, improves its elasticity and reduces the chances of hair breakage.


Manages frizz

keratin benefits for hair

Using heat straighteners and chemical treatments can often weaken your hair shafts, causing the cuticle to open up, start fraying and swell up with moisture over time. The end result is extreme frizz. The good news is that keratin can fix the frizz by binding the cuticles together and give your hair a soft, smoothened texture. We swear by TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Hair Serum to calm our unruly frizzy hair, detangle and make it soft and manageable.


No more heat damage

keratin benefits for hair

It’s always wise to use TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Spray before using a straightener on your mane to avoid any kind of heat damage. Besides detangling hair and making it easy to style, the keratin protein is known to seal the hair strands with a protective layer that doesn’t allow heat to penetrate into the layers of hair and get brittle.


Lasting shine

keratin benefits for hair

Keratin-based hair products not only soften the hair but are also known to boost the mane with a lasting, visible gloss. The keratin protein enhances hair texture, doesn’t weigh it down and makes it look polished and lustrous.

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