A workout is a great way to stay in shape and nothing beats that amazing adrenalin rush every time you finish your routine. And while exercising is of course 100% good for you, the truth is that it could lead to damaged hair. In fact your regular workout routine can actually harm your hair in ways that you aren’t even aware of.

No more living in ignorance… Especially when it comes to damaged hair and ruining those tresses and you care so much about. Read on and discover just how working out can adversely affect your hair, and learn how to avoid some common blunders.

workout hairstyle lead to damaged hair

Ofcourse your hair has to be put back when you’re doing those crunches, whether it’s a high ponytail or a top knot. But the trick is to not tie your hair in the same place every day. This can cause hair breakage over time. So make sure you alternate with every workout – for example, if you’ve been tying a pony tail most of the times alternate it with a plait or better still, Kim K approved double braids!

  • Those uber-tight hair ties—rethink them

You never thought that a hair tie being tight would be a problem while exercising and often grab the first one you can find. In reality, it is so important that the hair ties use while exercising are gentler than the average elastic. Same goes for headbands. Look for special moisture-wicking fabrics for these and save your roots from getting super oily.

  • Water on your hair… not always good idea

body post workout lead to damaged hair

Often the heat that builds up in your body post workout feels cooler if you splash some water on your head. You can drink all the water you want, but when it comes to putting some on your head, stop and re-think—could you be worsening damaged hair? Sometimes you are tempted to wet your hair with water post-gym and then use a conditioner to de-tangle. Such a bad idea! Not only are you spreading the salty sweat to your ends, but water is also drying out your hair. Infact, conditioner is only meant to go on clean hair. If it goes on dirty hair, it will begin make the hair dry out and start breaking. So instead of wetting your hair, just reach for the shampoo and give it a good wash.

  • Dry Shampoo—don’t rely on it!

Dry shampoo seems like the ultimate quick fix to clean your hair. But if you really want it to work, you need to apply it before you start sweating – not after. If your hair is drenched with sweat, no dry shampoo is strong enough to soak that up. Also, most dry shampoos have a very high alcohol content. When that gets mixed with sweat, it’s going to seriously dry out your hair. More damage than good, we think.

post workout hair wash lead to damaged hair

Tempting as it to just stand under the shower after your workout and let that sweat and grime get washed off your hair, over-shampooing is a big no-no. This can dry out your hair and strip away all of the natural oils that keep your scalp and hair healthy. Try applying a good cleansing conditioner on your hair instead of shampoo, that way you can cleanse as well as preserve natural oils and nourishment.

So next time you head to the gym all set for a workout, think about your hair and remember these super handy tips on how to stay clear of any dryness or damage. Let your workout be the best thing for you… from top to toe!