Your 1-2-3 Guide To Salon Like Hair At Home

Written by Girija NaiksatamNov 04, 2016
It’s a given! We’re all suckers for great hair, and even more so if it can be achieved with minimal visits to our hair dresser. Determined enough, we did a bit of scouting on our own and came to the conclusion that it is very possible to get salon like tresses at home. Here is our secret research laid bare.
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Hair Care
The first rule of hair care? Provide your hair with all the nourishment and pampering it needs – both internally as well as externally. Spend a few hours every week showering your hair with some TLC with a hot oil head massage. It’ll quench your dry scalp, improve blood circulation to your hair follicles and, in all probability, feel like one of the best things on the planet.  If you’ve got long locks, get a trim once every four to six months to keep the edges from fraying and keep your haircut looking brand new.

Damage Control with TRESemmé Split Remedy Range
One of the most common hair concerns that women face is split ends that are caused by heavy styling, artificial heat and vigorous combing. Contrary to popular belief, chopping off your locks is not the only way to get rid of them. The new TRESemmé Split Remedy Range incorporates Amino Vitamin Blend and other ingredients that reduce split ends. Enriched with Silicone, the shampoo and conditioner form a lubricating layer which brings hair fibres and split ends together, keeping your hair intact and allowing you to experiment with the hair lengths and styles that you want without ever going under the scissors.

‘Got hair, will experiment’ might as well be three fourth of the population’s motto because hair colouring and treatments seem to be the norm du jour when it comes to hair. But while you might be with the times or even ahead of them for that matter, your hair is going through hell. Artificial heat from irons, tongs, styling products with chemicals and hair care that isn’t suited for your mane can wreak havoc with your tresses. The least you can do to provide your hair some relief is cut down on your use of hair irons and dryers, allow your hair to air dry whenever possible, give your hair a break from chemical treatments and find products that are best suited for your hair type.

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