5 Common Dandruff Myths - Debunked!

Written by Anjali AgarwalSep 16, 2023
5 common dandruff myths - debunked!

Dandruff is a pesky hair problem that is not only uncomfortable but also downright embarrassing. And what’s worse is that not everyone knows the reason behind this hair woe.

What really causes it, why some people are affected more than others and most importantly how to treat it the right way. The old wives’ tales and misinformation doesn’t help the situation at all.

So, let’s bust some common myths regarding dandruff once and for all.


Myth #01 You can use any shampoo to treat dandruff

Myth #05 Your diet does not affect dandruff

Not true. You need to use a shampoo that targets your hair problem. Anti-dandruff shampoos are specifically formulated with dandruff-fighting active ingredients and work on controlling the oil production. They not only reduce dandruff but also reduce itchiness, excess oil and flakiness which any other type of shampoo won’t do.


Myth #02 Dandruff is contagious

Myth #05 Your diet does not affect dandruff

You cannot catch dandruff from someone who’s dealing with it. It is a result of excess oil secretion and flaky scalp which you are prone to get only if you have a predisposition to it. It is not an infection you can catch and thus it is not contagious.


Myth #03 Not washing your hair causes dandruff

Myth #05 Your diet does not affect dandruff

Although poor hygiene is one of the causes of dandruff, not washing your hair for a few days won’t give you dandruff, unless your scalp produces excess sebum. If you have oily scalp, not washing your hair can affect the health of your scalp but won’t necessarily result in dandruff.


Myth #04 Dandruff causes scalp acne

Myth #05 Your diet does not affect dandruff

You might think that the scalp acne is probably the outcome of dandruff in your hair but let us tell you that these two hair issues are not linked to each other whatsoever. However, they do have a common cause, that is, excess oil on your scalp.


Myth #05 Your diet does not affect dandruff

Myth #05 Your diet does not affect dandruff

The truth is what you eat does affect your hair and skin and a balanced and nutritional diet can make all the difference. Some food items like dairy and refined sugar contain bad fats which cause the scalp to produce more oil and hence worsen dandruff. Instead, include foods rich in vitamin B, protein and good fat to reduce dandruff.

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