Dandruff is a common scalp problem faced by a lot of people worldwide, but that doesn’t mean you should accept it as part of your life and move on. You can blame genetics for a receding hairline, acne-prone skin, or even thin hair, but not dandruff. You are responsible for those embarrassing white flakes because dandruff is caused by unhealthy hair care and lifestyle habits.

Luckily, dandruff can be treated. If you’ve always had dandruff there are certain things that could be making matters worse. Below, we have listed all the habits that could worsen your dandruff problem.

5 habits that make dandruff worse

Washing your hair too often

Our first reaction to most scalp problems is to wash them away. But that’s not the most ideal thing to do. In fact, it is one of the worst hair care habits. Shampooing your hair every day will strip away the natural oils that keep your scalp nourished and strong. When there is no oil, your scalp will get drier and make the dandruff worse.

5 habits that make dandruff worse

Not using the right shampoo

Picking a anti-dandruff shampoo randomly from the hair care aisle won’t solve your problem. You need to understand that not all dandruff is the same. The most common type is ‘dry’ dandruff, which causes white flakes and sheds on your shoulder. It can be cleared by using a shampoo that nourishes and purifies the scalp like the Clear Anti Dandruff Nourishing Shampoo - Complete Active Care. Greasy dandruff, on the other hand, stays stuck to your scalp and the Clinic Plus Strong Scalp Anti-Dandruff Shampoo would be an ideal choice for this type of dandruff.

5 habits that make dandruff worse

Using excessive styling products

Hairspray, gel, wax and other hair styling products may make your hair behave but these contain high levels of alcohol, which can be quite drying and irritating to the scalp. The drier your scalp gets, the flakier it becomes.

5 habits that make dandruff worse

Rubbing scalp vigorously

Most people who suffer from dandruff rub their scalp vigorously in an attempt to get it off. This strips your fragile scalp skin and makes the problem worse. Instead, gently massage your scalp with your fingertips for best results.

5 habits that make dandruff worse

Improper diet and lifestyle

An unhealthy diet of processed food, refined sugar, and junk food can cause inflammation and eventually lead to dandruff and flakes. Include fresh green vegetables and fruits along with foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids in your diet instead.