5 Haircuts To Try This Winter To Keep Your Hair Frizz-Free

Written by Anyuktha NallaniFeb 22, 2022
5 haircuts to try this winter to keep your hair frizz-free

The wedding season is upon us, and so are the festivities, leaving us busy trying to score hairstyles, makeup and outfit inspiration from everywhere possible. But amidst all the hullabaloo we’re forgetting that winter is actually an enemy to our hair. The dry winter hair saps the moisture from the tresses, leaving them dehydrated and frizzy. So, while you’re busy with the event and outfit planning to look extra fabulous, we went ahead and rounded up the five best haircuts you have to try to keep your hair frizz-free this winter.


Mid-length shag

Invisible layers

Image courtesy: Pipit Hermanto

We have seen the shag, and many versions of the shag, come and go along with the fox cut that was raging on social media for a while there! But mid-length shag is your bestie this winter, especially if you have wavy-curly hair. Why? It gets rid of the extra weight and automatically enhances your hair’s texture, giving it back its natural bounce and sheen while keeping frizz at an arm’s distance.



Invisible layers

Image courtesy: Latest Hairstyles

This season, we suggest you take the leap and go for an undercut with an angled lob. It looks elegant and classic in the front with a spunky twist in the back. It will not only frame your face but also give you layers that make it easier to tame the frizz.


Curtain bangs

Invisible layers

Image courtesy: Fab Mood  Inspiration

Another banger of a haircut for 2021 is soft curtain bangs. They’re an easy French-inspired look, which frames the face well. We suggest you do this with a layered haircut and evenly distribute the weight on your head, which will make your hair look bouncy and frizz-free.


Pixie cut

Invisible layers

Image courtesy: Hair Adviser

If you are in the mood to go ALL OUT this winter, this is it! A long pixie cut like this is so bold and glam plus it will keep the frizz at bay for sure as you’re going to chop most of the length off.


05. Invisible layers

Invisible layers

Image courtesy:  franckhair

Invisible layers is a technique that calls for dry cutting of the hair to remove weight and add movement, as traditional layers do, but with a twist. Stylists cut layers under the top section of hair, so they’re ‘invisible’ to the eye. It helps keep your hair looking healthy, effortless, and natural.

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