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Written by Team BBApr 15, 2023
Simple Tips for Treating Dry Hair | Be Beautiful India

Yes, most of us know how to tame the frizz and keep your waves in check. However, what about going the extra mile and treating dry hair right to the bottom. Yes, this means going the extra mile to ensure you wake up with fab and flawless hair (psst: no blowdry or heat required to look oh-so chic!)

And while the best way to deal with this problem; the no-brainer solution is to use the right kind of hair care products, sometimes your best effort is not enough as well. Which is why you may need to go the extra mile and do a bit more to keep your hair healthy and moisturised. But if you are curious about the basics AKA where to start or what you should do, then worry not, we have got you covered with some valuable insights on your dry hair treatment. Yes, we mean no super longer waiting hours or monthly processes — just results that are almost instantaneous. So, latch on as we unveil to you the world of natural remedies and the causes behind that drab look. 

5 Simple Tips for Treating Dry Hair

Before we look at the dry hair treatment, let’s first understand the reasons why you could be having dry hair in the first place. So, let’s plunge into why dull and drab business exists, get all your answers with tips below.

Tip #1: Say no to overwashing


While you may feel washing your hair regularly is all hydrating and moisturising for your locks, it in actuality is one of the most common reasons for dry hair. Washing your hair very frequently strips your scalp of the natural oils present on the scalp, leaving it super dry - yes, that’s true. And wonder why? The harsh chemicals like SLS present in a lot of shampoos are to be blamed for this. SLS is a cleansing agent that makes the shampoo lather and gives you that squeaky clean, tingly feel after each hair wash. But that feeling is actually an indication that your shampoo is too harsh for your hair and scalp and needs to be changed ASAP. Which is why we’re totally vouching for a gentle and hydrating and fixing shampoo/conditioner duo. Want to know which one? Scroll below.

Tip #2: Hot oil massages


Hot oil massages are an age-old practice to moisturise dry hair. You can use any cold-pressed oil such as coconut, avocado, almond or jojoba and mix it with a few drops of essential oil like rosemary, ylang-ylang or lavender for that dry hair treatment. This not only delivers a burst of hydration but also stimulates dormant hair follicles to improve growth and make your hair stronger and healthier. One oil that I fall back on is Indulekha’s Bringha Oil - giving your scalp and hair the TLC it needs; these hydrating drops make your mane stronger.

However, while you may want to plunge into the goodness of oil, remember not to overdo hair oiling. Always apply just a little oil to ensure that it can be easily washed off with one round of shampoo. And yes, you don’t want to go overboard with that dry scalp treatment.

To give yourself the best oil massage and to permit its nutrients to truly deep into your roots, massage your scalp with your fingertips so that blood starts circulating. This leads to a) an A1 dry scalp treatment and b) longer and luscious locks.

Tip #3: Pick the right shampoo


The kind of hair care products you use plays a major role in determining the quality of your hair and scalp and can sometimes be a major cause of dry hair. A lot of hair care products are brimming with ingredients such as fragrances, dyes, sulphates and alcohol, which can be too harsh for you, especially if you already have a dry and sensitive scalp. These products also tend to leave a residue on your strands, which causes build-up over time and can further exacerbate the dryness in your scalp, leading to dandruff and itchiness. So, if you think you’ve got your hands on the best products, you might want to reconsider your choice after reading the back of your bottles.

And…getting to our unfailing recommendations, if you’re looking for the perfect picks. Let’s tell you about our no-stress, just Tress selects.

The first one we’re wanting to introduce you to has to be the TRESemme Bond Strength Keratin Repair Shampoo. Working as a perfect damage controller, for all those heaty tongs and straightener irons and consequent, dry hair, this shampoo labelled as TRESemme’s most advanced repairing system works incredibly to counteract any and all signs of damage. So, you no longer need to book that appointment and wait for a lengthy keratin treatment for this shampoo brings it all to you in just a quick, 5-minute quick hair wash. So get scrubbing and await a recovered and ravishing mane.

Tip #4: Get the right conditioner


When you’re dealing with dry hair that absolutely dampens your aesthetic appeal, you must know that the right conditioner is the way forward. And when thinking along those lines, TRESemme's Bond Strength Keratin Repair Conditioner makes an entry! If you’ve dyed your hair or especially indulged in the longstay trend, balayage you know the toll the colour and bleach can have on your ends. Making them dry as ever and hence, prone to breakage when stuck in those stubborn knots, you need nothing else to fix the tangles other than TRESemme’s star conditioner. Getting that exact keratin treatment nourishment - quick softening, this conditioner comforts and hydrates all those distressed strands like a breeze. So, think no more and get your hands on this bottle.

Tip #5: Don’t forget a good serum


Last but not least, a good serum should always be on your radar! You totally can’t compromise and here’s why - regularly using a good hair serum will help tame frizz and smooth out dry, unruly hair. Plus, it gives your strands more glitz by making them easier to manage. Be selfie-ready with #hairgoals when you're out and around, only by using the Tresemmé Keratin Smooth Serum. Infused with the goodness of Camellia Oil, this professional serum nourishes each strand of your hair making them silky smooth and easier to manage. So, when your hair is damp, coat its ends with 1-2 pumps of this serum and watch your dry hair gradually transform.

FAQs about Simple Tips for Treating Dry Hair

Bidding the dryness adieu!

Q1. How often should someone with dry hair wash their locks?

A. If you have a dry scalp, it is very important to limit the number of times you wash your hair. As seen earlier, over-washing can strip your hair of natural oils and make problems such as dandruff. It would be best to wash your hair just once a week, but if you exercise or are outdoors and tend to sweat on your scalp too much, then you can wash your hair about twice a week, but no more.

Q2. What does damaged hair look like?

A. Damaged hair lacks shine, it is brittle at the end and is fragile. Any pressure can result in breakage. It has a straw-like appearance and may have a lot of split ends. With the right haircare habits and products, damaged hair can be treated.

Now that you know the causes of dry hair and how to repair dry ends, there is no more fretting. From the best shampoo for dry hair to moisturising masks, these hair care tips will ensure the ends of your hair look as healthy as the rest of your strands.

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