Have you had enough of embarrassing white flakes on your shoulders and itchy scalp that comes with dandruff say ‘aye’. Not only is dandruff annoying to deal with but also tricky to resolve. Most solutions end up drying out your hair and leaving them dull and lacklustre. So, if you’re fighting the good fight, but nothing seems to be working, keep reading. Ahead, we have listed down five simple ways to get rid of dandruff without drying out your hair.


01. Use a gentle yet effective anti-dandruff shampoo

Use a gentle yet effective anti-dandruff shampoo

Overwashing your hair is never a good idea. Not only will it strip the essential oils from your scalp but also dry out your strands. It’s best to use a gentle yet effective anti-dandruff shampoo like the Dove Dandruff Clean & Fresh Shampoo 2-3 times a week. Its ZPTO formula is clinically proven to target dandruff at the source and get rid of flakes from the first wash itself. It also has menthol that gives a burst of freshness and micro moisture serum that leaves you with smooth hair.


02. Massage coconut oil to your scalp

Massage coconut oil to your scalp

Yes, a good coconut oil champi can help reduce those stubborn white flakes on your scalp. Scalp dehydration can worsen your dandruff woes, which is why you need to oil your hair to boost hydration in your tresses and prevent the scalp from drying out. Also, coconut oil has antimicrobial properties, which helps it prevent dandruff further.


03. Give your hair an ACV rinse

Give your hair an ACV rinse

Apple cider vinegar has emerged as the ultimate hair care ingredient that can help you overcome a lot of hair troubles, including dandruff. The acidic vinegar helps balance your scalp’s pH levels and reduce dandruff. It further ensures the removal of dead skin cells from the scalp. So, give your hair an ACV rinse once a week, and your dandruff will surely disappear for good!


04. Add tea tree oil to your routine

Add tea tree oil to your routine

Another amazing way to keep dandruff at bay is by adding the potent tea tree oil to your hair care routine. Tea tree is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory, which helps it get rid of dandruff. Instead of using tea tree oil directly on your scalp (since it can cause irritation), you can dilute and use it by mixing it up with your shampoo or coconut oil.


05. Exfoliate your scalp

Exfoliate your scalp

Dead skin cell accumulation on your scalp can be one of the reasons for flaking and dandruff in your hair. That’s why it is a good idea to exfoliate your scalp regularly to scrub away dead skin cells off your scalp. Don’t be too harsh on your scalp though. Make sure you choose a scrub that’s gentle yet effective on your scalp.