Noticing More Strands On Your Brush Lately? These Tips Will Help Stop Hair Fall

Written by Tashika TyagiJul 07, 2022
Noticing more strands on your brush lately? These tips will help stop hair fall

There are some things in life that are grossly unsettling - broken eyeshadows, smudged lipstick and most importantly hair on your brush! Right from weather change to hormonal imbalance, and dirty scalp to heat-styling tools and chemical treatments, a number of things can contribute to hair fall and breakage. If you have had enough of the upsetting feeling that hair fall brings with it, then it’s time to make a few changes to how you take care of your hair. Here are some trusty tips to follow to prevent hair breakage and hair fall.


Change your shampoo and conditioner

Opt for gentle hairstyles

While it is okay to lose upto 100 strands a day, it is definitely not normal to experience more hair fall than that. But if that’s you, we recommend you switch your shampoo to a milder option pronto! Go for a paraben-free shampoo like the Dove Hair Therapy Breakage Repair Shampoo, with moisturising potion and nourishing ingredients, which boosts hair strength & helps your hair look thicker, stronger, and healthier. Enriched with nutrilock serum, this shampoo is just what you need if your hair is weak and prone to hair fall. Follow this up with the Dove Hair Therapy Breakage Repair Conditioner and you’ll notice soft,detangled hair with upto 98% less hair fall with regular use.

Pro tip: Never use hot water while washing your hair as it strips off the natural oils. Always use cool or lukewarm water while rinsing your hair to avoid further hair fall.


Don't comb wet hair

Opt for gentle hairstyles

For the love of your hair, never run a comb through your wet hair (unless you’re doing this while conditioning to detangle your locks). Your wet hair has a higher chance of breakage. Let your hair air dry after slightly squeezing out excess water with a microfibre towel. Use a wide-tooth comb to gently untangle your locks and let them dry on their own. Aggressive combing will aggravate hair fall and breakage, so be as gentle as you can with your hair.


Keep your scalp sweat-free

Opt for gentle hairstyles

It is very important to keep your scalp sweat-free if you want to reduce hair fall. Sweat and sebum together can become a bacteria and dirt hotspot, which can eventually lead to dandruff and weak follicles and in turn hair fall. So, keep your hair covered while you are stepping out in the sun with a hat, bandana or scarf, and wash your hair every other day if you work out daily.


Try de-stressing activities

Opt for gentle hairstyles

Did you know that stress is one of the many reasons for hair fall? It also leads to premature ageing and derails the natural hair growth process. So try and keep your stress levels low by engaging in stress-busting activities like meditation, yoga and simple indoor exercises that calm your mind and body.


Opt for gentle hairstyles

Opt for gentle hairstyles

Tight ponytails and buns, intricate braids and slicked back hairstyles are also known to cause hair fall. When you style your hair this way, your hair tends to weaken due to the constant pulling, leading to hair fall and breakage. Leave your hair open more often instead of always keeping it tied up. Switch to loose ponytails and braids and try using satin or silk hair ties instead of rubber bands to avoid further hair fall.

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