Everyone seems to be fed up with hair problems, especially when it comes to hair loss. But being stressed won’t really do you any good. In fact, it will only worsen the situation for you since stress accentuates the problem of hair fall. If you’ve already tried some home remedies but have failed to get rid of the hair loss issue, it can be even more disappointing. Herbs can be used in a number of ways to treat a wide range of problems. A common method is to boil them in water and use the remaining water for cooking. You can even consume the herbs raw but you need to make sure that you’ve washed them properly first.

If you’ve already tried most of the Indian herbs out there, here are a few Chinese herbs you could try out that are known to be useful in treating hair problems. They work on your hair as individual medicine or in combination with other herbs or solutions. Chinese herbal treatments have been in use for centuries now. They are not only great in preventing hair loss but also treat the discoloration of hair and help in restoring natural pigmentation.

Here are a few Chinese herbal remedies for treating your hair fall problems:


1. Fo-Ti


This is a pretty common Chinese herb that has been in use for ages, aiding hair growth. It is used to restore the natural pigmentation of your hair. This herb, also known as he-shou-wu, is extremely good for your overall health as well since it even helps in increasing the circulation of blood in your body.


2. Reishi mushroom

Reishi mushroom

This herb, found in the Chinese provinces, is known to be able to treat folliculitis very effectively. Also known as Lingzhi mushroom, it tends to the greyish or whitish pimple-like boils that form around the hair follicles and lead to hair fall and itching. It is also known to be a part of many allopathic medicines that are used in the treatment of hair fall.


3. Nu Zhen Zi

Nu Zhen Zi

Also known as Glossy Privet fruit, it is known to be extremely effective in treating bald patches. It helps remove the toxins from the body and strengthens the immune system. Nu-Zhen-Zi essentially purifies the blood and increases its flow to the scalp region. It improves the overall health of your scalp and also ensures that some of these common hair and scalp issues do not recur.


4. Morus alba

Morus alba

This one is quite a popular herb in China that is largely used to prevent the premature greying of hair. This Chinese herb, also known as white mulberry, can be used regularly as a home remedy, without the fear of any side-effects. The best thing about this herb is that it can be grown easily in your own kitchen garden or even as a window sill plant. It helps in the treatment of hair loss as well.


5. Wu Wei Zin

Wu Wei Zin

This herb is an extremely popular ingredient in beauty concealers. It serves as a tonic that helps to purify the blood. It is known to cure baldness, improve hair growth and give you soft and silky hair. It has been known to be able to treat even some of the more difficult cases of baldness.