Can Acupuncture Help Deal With Hair Follicles?

Written by Cassandra PereiraMar 29, 2019
Can acupuncture help deal with hair follicles?

Have you been losing a lot of hair lately? Is your hair thinning with the passage of time? Many factors like stress, diet, injuries, improper lifestyle, etc. have a drastic effect on the hair, leading to hair thinning and hair loss. Experimenting with various products in the market further aggravates our hair conditions. With so many artificial provisions in today’s world, it’s a good idea to look for alternate options to treat hair loss naturally.

An alternative therapy, acupuncture, which is also one of the most widely recognized and respected Chinese medical practices, is one way to treat your hair follicles without the use of chemicals. The Chinese believe that this non-conventional method re-balances your body’s energy. So, if you’re scared of needles, it’s time to face that fear!


What is acupuncture?

How is acupuncture good for the hair?

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical practice which helps return the body’s energy to a balanced state. The Chinese believe that there are energetic pathways or meridians that flow through the body and carry nutrients, as well as the vital life force energy through the body.

This energy flow is called “qi” (chi) and it is important for these energy pathways to remain clear for the body to function properly. When a blockage of energy occurs anywhere in the body, illness, diseases and bodily dysfunctions manifest.

Acupuncture is the process of inserting very fine, thin needles into these blocked areas of the body to open them up. It stimulates the qi and blood circulation, thereby clearing the blockages in the body and redirecting the nutrients to the appropriate places and allowing the body to function properly.


How is acupuncture good for the hair?

How is acupuncture good for the hair?

  • It is important that the hair follicles have proper nutrition and blood flow, as they are responsible for hair nourishment and healthy hair growth. Applying acupuncture on certain areas in the body and scalp stimulates blood flow and nutrition to the hair follicles, which in turn stimulates new hair growth.
  • Acupuncture helps in drawing lost energy back into the body to restore vitality to the hair follicles, and allow them to regain their ability to contract tightly around the roots of the hair, holding it in place.
  • Acupuncture reduces follicle inflammation, revitalizes the damaged hair follicles, eases scalp itchiness and creates a healthy environment for the hair to grow.
  • Scalp acupuncture, and Qi Xing needle acupuncture stimulate neurohumoral and endocrine system responses which restore the sebaceous gland functioning, which is important for healthy hair.
  • Chinese medicine believes that the quality of the hair relates to the sufficient amount of qi, blood and kidney energy within the body, the insufficiency of which causes hair loss. Acupuncture takes care of these insufficiencies, strengthens the immune system and stimulates blood circulation thereby promoting healthy hair growth.
  • Acupuncture stimulates hair re-growth in cases of hair loss and balding.

What does an acupuncture hair treatment involve?

The first visit with a professional acupuncture therapist is just like a normal visit with your general physician. It will involve a short physical examination and a detailed medical history in order to provide the treatment that is necessary and right for you. The acupuncturist may also prescribe some herbs or topical ointments for the scalp that you may need to take alongside the treatment. The intensity of the needles that would be pricked onto your skin will depend on the ailments that you are facing. You may experience some hesitation at having needles poked into your body and scalp at first, but this method is definitely worth a try.

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