What Are The Common Causes Of Dandruff? We Investigate

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
What are the common causes of dandruff? We investigate

Dandruff is a common hair concern that has the power to bring your hair health down drastically. And treating this hair woe is no easy feat either *sigh*. While you are busy finding various solutions and remedies to treat dandruff, have you ever stopped to consider the reason behind this serious hair concern? Well, if you haven’t paid attention to that, now is the time!

It’s not only the hygiene factors that lead to dandruff troubles. From various skin diseases to certain haircare habits, here are all the common causes of dandruff you need to be aware of:


Irregular combing

Skin concerns

You’ll be surprised to know that not running a comb through your hair regularly can ultimately cause dandruff. Yes, you read that right! Brushing is like cleaning your hair of all the dirt and removing the dead skin cells from your scalp. Doing so prevents accumulation on your scalp, reducing dandruff woes!


Product build-up

Skin concerns

When dust, grime and dead skin cells have accumulated on your scalp, it gives rise to dandruff. A dirty scalp attracts a lot of microbes which can cause dandruff due to yeast formation and fungal growth. Dead skin cells on the other start shedding when it is in excess and in turn cause dandruff troubles.


Dry skin

Skin concerns

If your skin is dry, then your scalp is also going to be equally dry. And dryness is one of the major causes of dandruff. It leads to the formation of white flakes that leave you embarrassed on most occasions. If not cared for properly, you probably end up with an accumulation of dry and dead skin, and ultimately dandruff all through the year.



Skin concerns

Before you think it is a disease, let us tell you that Malassezia is actually a type of fungi that grows on the surface of your skin including the scalp. This fungal genus does us a favour by feeding on the oils and dead skin on our scalp. However, it poses a problem when there is excessive dirt, oil and dead skin cells accumulated on the scalp for them to feed on. In such situations, they go out of control and cause dandruff.


Skin concerns

Skin concerns

Did you know? Skin concerns like eczema and psoriasis can also cause dandruff in your hair. If you’ve been using all kinds of treatments to banish dandruff and failing at it, then we suggest you first check whether you’re suffering from any skin conditions.

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