No matter how much of the best shampoo and conditioner for dry hair you apply or how many hydration-boosting serums you use, there are days when you have dull, lifeless, dry and frizzy hair, leaving you with no option but to reach out for your heat styling tools (sigh). 

But before you hop onto looking for solutions to fix this problem, have you stopped and tried to get to the root cause of it? Nope? Well, then today is your lucky day ‘cause we’re going to take you through reasons why your strands look dry and brittle. Pssst… we’re also going to tell you how to restore the shine to your dull tresses and how to moisturize dry hair. 

Discussing Dry Hair Causes & Treatment  

If you are looking for a dry hair treatment, you need to know the causes of why your hair feels dry and what is causing it.  

1. Genetics

Dry Hair Causes and Treatment | A Complete Guide

Genetics can cause your hair to look dry and dull all the time. While there is little you can do to change your genes, you can use a lot of moisturising hair care products that are specifically meant to treat severely dry hair and use them consistently to keep your soft and bouncy at all times. 

2. Heat styling tools 

Dry Hair Causes and Treatment | A Complete Guide

If you’ve been struggling with dry hair despite indulging in regular hair masks and other deep conditioning treatments, then it’s time to sit back and reflect on how often you use heat to style your hair. If the answer is almost every day — you have your answer girl. The only way to prevent this issue and nurture your hair back to health is to cut back on heat styling as much as possible. 

3. Hair wash routine 

Dry Hair Causes and Treatment | A Complete Guide

People with oily, greasy scalp tend to wash their hair a lot more often, which leads to their scalp feeling clean, but leaves their hair super dry and brittle due to the harsh chemicals in the shampoos and minerals found in water. Therefore, it would be best to limit your hair washing to twice a week and switch to dry shampoo to refresh your hair in-between washes. 

Products to Treat Dry Hair  

Want to know how to moisturize dry hair? Take a look at these products that will help you achieve the best results. 

1. Dove Dryness Care Shampoo 

Dry Hair Causes and Treatment | A Complete Guide

Your search for the best shampoo for dry hair in India ends here. The Dove Dryness Care Shampoo is undoubtedly the best shampoo for dry and frizzy hair. It is formulated with a pro-moisture complex that nourishes your hair to help it withstand 90 per cent of damage even before it happens. It gives you smoother hair that more resilient to damage 

2. Dove Dryness Care Hair Conditioner 

Dry Hair Causes and Treatment | A Complete Guide

If you are looking for the best conditioner for dry hair, look for none other than the Dove Dryness Care Hair Conditioner. It provides intense moisture making hair soft and protected from frizz. This conditioner nourishes and detangles frizzy hair, making them so smooth that the comb slides right through. Use this conditioner every time after shampooing for detangled, smooth, frizz-protected hair that breaks less while combing. 

3. Dove Intense Damage Repair Hair Mask 

Dry Hair Causes and Treatment | A Complete Guide

Take your regime further from shampoo and enrich it with this best hair mask for dry hair. The Dove Intense Damage Repair Hair Mask is formulated to nourish and help with hair damage prevention, strengthening strands from within. It contains Keratin Repair Actives, this hair mask helps to prevent damage with two-way care. It immediately repairs signs of damage while nourishing strands to help them withstand damage before it even happens. This hair mask works immediately to repair the hair surface and in the long run, deeply nourishes and reconstructs from within giving you healthier-looking hair.

4. TRESemmé Pure Moisture Boost Hair Serum

Dry Hair Causes and Treatment | A Complete Guide

Treat your dull and dry hair with the best hair serum for dry and frizzy hair, TRESemmé Pure Moisture Boost Hair Serum. It comes loaded with the goodness of Aloe Essence that provides your hair with an instant shine and gives your hair a salon-finish, smoother and shinier look. It conditions and nourishes hair and ensures gentle protection for your hair. Get the smoothness, moisture and shine you need. 

FAQs about Dry Hair Causes and Treatment 

What causes my hair to be frizzy and dry? 

Frizz is caused by four main factors: the environment, the curl level, the fibre diameter, and the amount of damage. Frizz can be prevented by avoiding excessive exfoliation, long showers, and hot tools such as hair dryers and flat irons. 

Is it possible to grow dry damaged hair? 

The vast majority of damaged hair can eventually be grown out if the follicle is preserved. Your hair can still grow even if it is damaged, but regular damage can lead to negative consequences.