Dealing with dry, damaged and frizzy hair can be a pain. There is a lieu of problems that accompany dry hair. From breakage, stunted hair growth, to the lacklustre mane, dry hair comes with its own set of problems. Therefore, it is extremely important to give dry and parched locks some extra TLC. Having hair that is free from frizz, is less damaged, and looks voluminous is something we dream of every day. This is where hair masks for dry hair come into the picture.

Hair masks are a super simple yet effective way to nourish your hair and nurse them back to health. Hair masks stay on your hair for a longer time than a conditioner, and therefore they penetrate the scalp better to work their magic. Additionally, the ingredients in the hair mask provide targeted action and work from the roots to give your hair a new lease of life.

With the right ingredients that you probably have lying around in your kitchen, you can mix up your own homemade, all-natural hair masks for dry hair right. Using these DIY hair masks will condition your hair, help prevent breakage and repair dry hair of all types. Lather up your hair with these homemade recipes for a relaxing, spa-like experience!

Coconut oil and honey hair mask for dry hair

Coconut oil and honey hair mask

Coconut oil is truly a magical ingredient when it comes to hair care. Coconut oil in this hair mask for dry hair helps keep your hair nourished, moisturised and soft. It prevents hair breakage due to dryness because of its high moisture retaining capabilities. Since coconut oil is loaded with fatty acids, it penetrates the hair more deeply than regular conditioners, leading to beautifully soft, silky, shiny hair.

Honey is a natural humectant and greatly helps your hair retain moisture. This means that it locks moisture into the hair and prevents it from escaping. This is especially great because dry hair is in constant need of an extra boost of moisture and hydration. It is also an emollient, which helps smoothen and soften your hair and bring back any lost sheen and shine.

You will need:

1 tablespoon of coconut oil (preferably organic coconut oil)

1 tablespoon of natural honey

How to use:

Step 01: In a bowl, pour both the ingredients and mix them well.

Step 02: Transfer the ingredients into a cooking pot and heat them up until completely melted.

Step 03: Apply this mixture to your hair starting from the roots to tips and cover it with a shower cap.

Step 04: Allow it to rest for 20 minutes and wash it off as usual.

Brown sugar and olive oil hair mask for dry hair

Brown sugar and olive oil hair mask

If you are looking for the perfect hair mask for dry hair, then look no more. Who knew this sweet baking ingredient was the key to healthier hair? The amazing exfoliating properties of brown sugar help get rid of dead skin cells from your scalp as well as product build-up.

Extra virgin olive oil has always been used as a natural conditioner to treat dry hair. This is because olive oil delivers super soft and shiny hair by locking in the moisture and preventing dryness of the scalp. It's a great oil to prevent hair breakage, split ends, and even flyaways! This hair mask is an amazing remedy that helps get rid of itchy scalp, dandruff as well as dry hair.

You will need:

2 tablespoons brown sugar

1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil

How to use:

Step 01: In a bowl, mix together sugar and olive oil.

Step 02: Apply this mask to your hair from top to bottom.

Step 03: Let it sit for 20-30 minutes.

Step 04: Rinse off as usual.

Banana, yogurt and honey hair mask for dry hair

Banana, yogurt and honey hair mask

Dull, dry, damaged or frizzy – if you’d use any of these adjectives to describe the condition of your hair, then this DIY hair mask is for you. Bananas are a great source of vitamin B6, vitamin C, potassium, dietary fibre and magnesium, all of which promote healthy and soft hair. They improve manageability and shine as well as prevent and control dandruff. Amazing moisturising agents, bananas prevent hair breakage due to dryness. Full of potassium, natural oils, carbohydrates and vitamins, bananas soften hair and protect their natural elasticity.

Filled to the brim with protein, yogurt helps strengthen the hair shaft, making them less prone to damage and split ends. For your scalp health, yogurt has lactic acid. Its gentle cleansing action helps to clear away dead skin cells that gather on your scalp and cause it to become itchy and flaky.

You will need:

1 sliced banana

2 tablespoons of fresh, plain yogurt

1 tablespoon honey

How to use:

Step 01: Combine all the ingredients together in a blender or mash the banana and mix the ingredients until they are all blended together well.

Step 02: Apply this mixture to damp hair, starting from the roots and going all the way down to the tips.

Step 03: Tie your hair in a bun and cover it with a shower cap.

Step 04: Leave the mask on for about 45 minutes and wash it off using a gentle shampoo. Follow it up with a conditioner.

Avocado, coconut milk and olive oil hair mask for dry hair

Avocado, coconut milk and olive oil

If you have extremely dry and damaged hair, then this ideal hair mask for dry hair is for you. Avocados are an amazing source of fatty amino acids that are responsible for coating your hair shaft helping it retain moisture. The natural oils in the fruit provide your hair with long-lasting and deep hydration. It contains vitamins A, B6, D, and E, and minerals like copper and iron which help nourish your hair and scalp. This also helps promote healthy hair growth. Additionally, avocados also help repair damage by conditioning and providing your hair with basic essential nutrients it needs to be healthy.

The rich and creamy texture of coconut milk works particularly well at repairing dry and damaged hair. It is a wonderful way to keep your hair soft, shiny and highly manageable. It restores dry, damaged and brittle hair and makes them soft and shiny. Additionally, coconut milk contains all the essential nutrients required for healthy hair, boosting your hair follicles and promoting hair growth.

You will need:

1 ripe avocado

1/2 cup organic coconut milk

1/4 cup extra virgin olive oil

How to use:

Step 01: In a blender, mix all the ingredients until they form a smooth paste. Ensure that there are no lumps in this mixture as that could get stuck in your hair.

Step 02: Apply this mixture to freshly shampooed, conditioned hair while it is still damp.

Step 03: Start by sectioning hair and applying a hair mask to each section, concentrating on the ends and dry areas.

Step 04: Gather hair in a bun and cover it up with a shower cap.

Step 05: Leave it on for about an hour and wash it off cold water for best results.