The Best Way To Deal With Scalp Acne, According To An Expert

Reviewed by Dr.Sadhana Deshmukh


Written by Sumona BoseSep 16, 2023
The best way to deal with scalp acne, according to an expert

Skin experts always recommend treating your scalp as an extension of your skin — this is because it tends to suffer similar issues as your skin does. This is especially true when it comes to scalp acne, their underlying causes also being hormonal imbalance, genetics, bacteria or clogged pores. You need to visit a dermat to treat hormonal or genetic scalp acne, who might suggest medicated shampoos or oral supplements to deal with the issue. Other, more superficial causes are, however, be easier to deal with. We roped in an expert to answer all your queries regarding scalp acne.

According to Dr. Sadhana Deshmukh, scalp acne is a condition that occurs when there is excessive sebum production on the scalp. It’s a painful condition that can be aggravated by hair oil application. You need dermatological intervention for scalp acne, which if left untreated, can cause hair fall and Alopecia (balding).


What causes scalp acne

Precautions to take when dealing with scalp acne

As mentioned earlier, there can be multiple causes behind scalp acne. Dr Sadhana revealed that if you already have acne-prone skin and/or dandruff, the chances of developing scalp acne are high. Product build-up can clog the pores if not rinsed well. Since scalp acne is a form of folliculitis or inflammation of the scalp, breakouts on the scalp can also be triggered by irritations, bacterial, fungal or other kinds of infections.


How to deal with scalp acne

Precautions to take when dealing with scalp acne

Dr Sadhana recommends treating scalp acne with the same approach of dealing with regular acne on the face. The only difference being you need to use acne-fighting lightweight lotions instead of creams. Both dandruff and acne have to be dealt with simultaneously. Wash your scalp almost every day with anti-dandruff shampoos and ketoconazole-based solutions. If you have a severe form of acne, oral antibiotics along with applications of clindamycin lotions should be prescribed by a dermatologist. If your hair care/styling products are the ones causing the inflammation, switch up your routine by using a clarifying cleanser and following good scalp hygiene overall.


Precautions to take when dealing with scalp acne

Precautions to take when dealing with scalp acne

Scalp acne can get aggravated if combed over aggressively. Make sure you are being gentle with your scalp while grooming your hair. Avoid any kind of oil massages or hair gels when dealing with scalp acne, they can further aggravate the issue. Also, picking on scalp acne can lead to infections, scarring and sometimes even hair loss.

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