Fatema’s Frizzy Tales—Thank You, Humidity. I Always Wanted To Be The Lion King!

Written by Fatema HabibSep 16, 2023
Fatema’s frizzy tales—Thank you, humidity. I always wanted to be the Lion King!

“Thank you, humidity. I always wanted to be the Lion King!” *rolls eyes*

Well, every girl who’s ever had to deal with crazy frizzy tresses will know that the struggle to tame your hair is so REAL! And do you know what makes it worse? Humidity! Humidity opens the hair cuticle and makes your hair look extremely frizzy.

While there are ample reasons that cause frizz; you’ll be surprised (and at the same time annoyed) to know that frizz only gets worse during summer. It’s a serious task for me to stay on top of my hair game, especially during the scorching summers. Firstly, my hair by nature is dry and frizzes out at the drop of a hat. Secondly, it’s simply impossible to let my hair air-dry as it turns frizzy right after drying. And lastly, since humidity is a  factor in causing frizz, my hair look like a mess just few minutes after stepping out in the sun. Phew!

But thankfully, over the years I have found hacks to deal with my frizzy mane and have convinced it to behave. Here’s spilling my hair care secrets...

I stopped shampooing too often

Shampooing your hair every other day can strip your hair of its natural oils, thereby leaving it dry and frizzy. Precisely why, I stopped washing my hair too often and started keeping a gap of 3 days in between my washes. This has made a lot of difference in improving the texture of my hair. On days when your scalp feels oily, simply opt for a dry shampoo. 


Keep your heat-styling tools away

Hydrate your hair

Did you know? Your blow-dryers and curling irons are your hair’s worst enemy during summer. Ever since I found out I’ve stopped using my styling tools, and I have noticed a drastic change in the quality of my hair. It no more turns frizzy and distressed after heat-free styling.


Don’t towel-dry

Hydrate your hair

Towel-drying your hair is a strict no-no! I have recently switched to cotton T-shirt to squeeze water out of my hair and that has made all the difference in reducing frizz. You can take any old T-shirt and wrap your hair around it post a wash. Also, remember to never touch your hair after it’s dry as that can trigger frizz too.


Never comb dry hair

Hydrate your hair

Brushing dry hair can cause frizz and create puffiness that you obviously don’t want in the summers. I usually use a wide-tooth brush in the shower while my hair is conditioned, and then rinse. To de-tangle my hair once it’s dry, I resort to finger-combing.


Hydrate your hair

Hydrate your hair

Moisturised and hydrated mane is frizz-free! Precisely why, it’s important to give your tresses some TLC once in a while to keep it healthy and nourished. Whenever I feel that my hair is losing life and looking extra dry and frizzy, I reach out for the Toni&Guy Damaged Repair Reconstruction Hair Mask that provides intense nourishment, deep conditions my tresses and adds moisture to my hair.

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